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And then you want to rewatch your favorite show and it’s not on the platform you’re currently subscribing to.

Fuck it, I’ll host it myself on Plex.

It might not change the judicial outcome, but it’s also important to understand what lead to this shooting.

It’s basically a grift and the masses are finally figuring this out.

And to add on this, the Lemmy platform evolves quite fast lately, so it must also be quite a challenge to keep the app in sync feature-wise.

I’m currently using Jerboa and it works well for what I do on Lemmy, thanks for your work on this :)

There’s still some stuff I can do like pinning a submission in a community, but it’s not a big issue to go on the web version to do so once in a while.

I guess this could be their shitty way to fight against share-spamming.

It was relatively easy for me. I wasn’t really social either, I didn’t make really any close friends while at school, and I didn’t keep in touch with them either. I just have my small circle of friends now, and I like it that way. I didn’t find high school to be particularly useful knowledge-wise, just as a mean to an end.

To be honest, I learned a lot of tech before going specializing in it out of sheer curiosity and passion, but getting the actual diploma helped me getting where I am today. Technology is a vast domain, and sure there is some stuff you need to memorize and you need to understands the basics to have a good foundation, but some of it you only get good at it by understanding a vast array of concepts, a bit like medicine (even if a bit presomptuous). Some are better than the others to quickly grasps those concepts, and they don’t really teach you how to make those connections, and frankly that’s the interesting part.

I’m pretty sure it gave me the edge against some who didn’t have any diploma at first, but now my CV is mostly speaking for itself. I don’t really have trouble finding work that pays a salary that suits my consumption habits (I’m tend to save as much as I can, to spend when I really need to), and I find my life as a whole as satisfying.

All this could have been avoided if Google made a permission for it.

To access and subscribe to it through lemmy.ml


EDIT: You can also follow and submit to it through Mastodon by following and posting to the @usa@lemmy.perthchat.org group. Example: https://mastodon.social/web/@usa@lemmy.perthchat.org

The joy of ActivityPub and the Fediverse.

Personally I’ve found threads useful when used in some workflows.

GitHub is IMO only partly to blame, the DMCA process itself is fucked up.

However they could improve this


User Notifies GitHub of Changes. If the user chooses to make the specified changes, they must tell us so within the window of approximately 1 business day.

1 business day? According to whom schedule? That is awfully short. What if the DMCA notice is sent late on a friday night (from the repo owner’s perspective)? Is GitHub considering the week-end to be exempt from a business day?

What if the DMCA is sent to a repo owner during a national holiday? Is that day exempted from the time frame?

A business day is way too vague and short in this age when everyone is working at a different time frame.

I’d be okay with this, but only if the matrix server is related to the Lemmy instance. Like, don’t create a channel on the main/official Matrix server…

Regarding Neat URL, ClearURLs, anyone has a filter list for uBlock Origin to suggest that remove most tracking parameters from URLs?

Which is a feature privacy-wise. Personally I subscribe to channels I want to follow locally, make local playlists and export them periodically to retain my data.

I guess an app to test a USB-C cable between two phones could work too.

I just sync a Backup folder using Syncthing, that way I know that the stuff I care about has a copy on my systems. The pictures are stored in the cloud using Google Photos.

The app must enumerate which links it should handle at compile time. I guess they could add lemmy.ml, but that will still be an issue if you’re using a different instance.

It is certainly not immune from state department propaganda from both side of the war.

Russia has a nominal GDP of $1.710 trillion (2021), which isn’t that big on the global scheme. Now compare that to the state of Texas by iself has a nominal GDP of $2.0 trillion (2021). Canada has a bigger GDP of $2.016 trillion (2021).

Russia is really not in a position to sustain all these sanctions for an extended period of time.

Filters to block and remove copycat-websites from DuckDuckGo, Google and other search engines. Specific to dev websites like StackOverflow or GitHub…


Starting with Firefox 93, Firefox will monitor available system memory and, should it ever become so critically low that a crash is imminent, Firefox will respond by unloading memory-heavy but not actively used tabs. This feature is currently enabled on Windows and will be deployed later for macOS a…


✨ New

  • Firefox now supports the new AVIF image format, which is based on the modern and royalty free AV1 video codec. It offers significant bandwidth savings for sites compared to existing image formats. It also supports transparency and other advanced features…

You can also use your phone to enable third-party controllers.


This release brings you working imports from your YouTube subscriptions export, an “always go into full screen” toggle when you play a video via the main player, a new Invidious instance, and so much more that you basically have to read on. …


  1. Native GUI install program for Linux. (x86_64/i386/aarch64/mips64) (GTK/QT) Notes
  2. Add support for Emergency Boot Kit…


  • Support for Lemmy v0.12.0…

Organic Maps is an Android & iOS offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists based on top of crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data and curated with love by MapsWithMe founders. …


By now, the process of creating custom lithium-ion battery packs is well-known enough to be within the reach of most makers. But it’s not a path without hazard, and mistakes with battery protection and management can be costly. Happily for those who are apprehensive on the battery front there’s a so…