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[Mod] What is your vision for asklemmy?
Hey! Back after a large break from lemmy and after returning to the community it seems it is more advice focused: `what is the best way to learn programming` vs story focused `what is a bad mistake when you started programming`. My job as a moderator is to serve the community best I can, so instead of changing the rules to recklessly to bar topics further without consent, I want to extend an invitation for *you*, the members of the community, to share what you want to see content wise from this community. **Examples:** > I like it as is! or > New rules ideas > - Only questions about cats are allowed > - Posts about dogs will result in being banned Thank you! Evan

Reddit is Dead, long live… leddi- lemmy?
It really whips the llama's ass. Post says it all. Foreveralone. Take my upvote. Are we in post-social media yet or what?

Find and Share Communities Thread!
Welcome everyone to Lemmy! Lemmy is a network of instances. Even if you registered on, your entire feed can be made up of posts by subscribing exclusively to communities. Sometimes it's hard to find a community of posts and people you want to hang out with - So I invite everyone to share communities from their instances in this thread! Edit: I've just realized the `!` linking format opens `` instead of i.e `` if your instance is This thread might not work

Where’s the feel of the old Internet gone, and what sites do you use?
Hey all. Since the Internet has just been boiled down to the main big social media sites, it feels like the magic is gone. Whens the last time someone said to you "hey check out this cool website"? It's always the same: TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, FB, Reddit, Discord. Forums are basically dead. Chat rooms are dead. Message boards are dead. I miss that feeling of just discovering interesting or quirky websites. Lemmy is cool because it feels fresh and new, and there's not a boat load of users here yet. But what other sites do you guys use or can recommend? I remember browsing Joe cartoon, Newgrounds, weebls, Ebaums, failblog, damnlol, and a bunch of other stupid but either funny or interesting sites. Are there sites out there that still have that early Internet vibe? I feel like there is a treasure trove of still active websites out there but I have no idea what they are. Any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated.

New users; are any of you migrating to matrix/element too? Which rooms?
I'm down for more chat rooms, especially the alive and kicking rooms. Which rooms y'all in, and roughly how busy are they?

What’s your favorite Web 1.0 memory?
Prior to the internet condensing into just 5 or so websites, what do you remember fondling about being online? I remember winning a raffle contest on the old Terraria forums and getting to pick my own title (instead of just New Member, Member, Well-Known Member). Of course, since I was like 13, I picked a random collection of letters that only I knew was an acronym of my signature on said forums.

Admin user email validation
I've hit an issue with Lemmy. Initial startup was fine.. I created my admin user and logged in. Then I created this account. Third account I went to test with failed to login.. then my other accounts also failed, so I rebooted. Now when I try to log into my admin account, it just spins forever. Checking logs, I see this: lemmy_server::api_routes_websocket: email_not_verified: email_not_verified Can anyone tell me how I can manually flag my admin account as having been email verified already?

deleted my account because I was on 2 instances and now the account says 404 deleted account but I want to view stuff on it. I can’t sign up for it again anymore.
deleted my account because I was on 2 instances and now the account says 404 deleted account but I want to view stuff on it. I can’t sign up for it again anymore.

Created duplicate accounts on two Lemmy servers
(edit) - Answered by []( below. Thanks! I created duplicate accounts (same username as this one), one here on and another of the same account on This was before I understood how Lemmy works. Now I've deleted the account on and want to login there with my federated account from However when I try to login it just sits and spins. Will I be able to login to the other Lemmy server with this account? Do I just need to give the other server some time before it wipes out the account completely? I have verified that the other server is federated with> @sexy_peach

What’s the difference between the sort options in lemmy?
Reddit refugee trying to understand the differences. Maybe I'm missing something but it's not obvious what the difference is between "Active", "Hot", "Top" etc. Any place I can get an explanation?

Can I transfer my account to a different instance?
I kind of want to move over to because I don't like the content in if it helps I also deleted my account because I signed up for both and thought I could only have one. Going to the website now says 404 deleted and I want to fix that.

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Is it possible to merge two existing communities on different federated servers?
I believe more and more people will escape to lemmy sooner or later, and I already see 3 different communities for the same thing (selfhosted) here on lemmy. Time will tell which one will be the most active, but lets assume all of them will be equally active and the desire emerges to combine the two communities about the same thing, is that something possible or intended to be possible with federated services?

What are some building subscription list/finding communities Tips and Tricks?
Many newbs are washing up here, myself included. What are good ways to get the most out of Lemmy? (Using Jerboa) There isn't an algorithm, so I guess we need to self filter and manage a good sub list. At first glance I'm guessing, use the "all" feed. Block communities that are irrelevant, sub to interests and leave the undecided ones alone. Repeat on different sort options, Repeat for specific hosts. What are your tricks for finding interesting content and building a sub list.

Hello, i'm using Lemmy since yesterday but it always say that i'm timeout, what does that mean?

Is it possible to follow a comment for responses?
I am reading a post and somebody says something interesting. Is there a way to receive notifications when new comments are made in response to that interesting comment? Edit: Delete this please, it is against the rules

where are subscriptions to other instances stored?
For example, my user/profile is based in beehaw, but I subscribed to this community on When I view this community, it says I'm joined. But in my list of subscriptions (in both Jerboa and the Beehaw website), it only shows my local (Beehaw) subscriptions. Is there a list of "external" subscriptions anywhere? Also, is it possible to subscribe to all communities on an instance? Lemmy is small enough that it'd be easier to just selectively unsubscribe, I think.

Instance-based user question
Having chosen an instance when creating an account for lemmy, am I now tied to that instance forever? What happens if, for example, the owner of that instances decides to just stop managing it one day? Does my account just go away with it?

how long does everyone think until embedded pictures and videos into lemmy whether it be an option per community or not?
By that I mean straight into it where the image is on it itself without pinks or urls

If/will there be an easy way to host a community without paying for a server?
Such as reddit, will there be some sort of official spot we can go to host our own communication? As a new user I realize there's not a lot of committed I want.

What do you think of Odysee?
Hey, Lemmy. I've been using the blockchain-based video streaming service Odysee as a YouTube backup for a while now, where I run the PIF archive channel, RandomWolf. I was reading Wikipedia, and it says that the platform is often used by the far right, mainly because of its "free speech" guidelines. However, the channels I am seeing are fine. What do you guys think? Is it safe, or is it just a clone of Rumble? And, while you're at it, can you tell me what you think of Mental Outlaw? My channel is on [YouTube](, [PeerTube]( and [Odysee](, in case anyone has an interest in the niche.

Can lemmy please remove the requirement of joining a server to create an account?
IMO, Lemmy would gain far more users if you were able to create a user account without having to be approved by a server first. If communities want to remain invite only that's fine. But I really, really think you guys should decouple account creation from the requirement of being approved by a server. It's a barrier to entry that imo will prevent many users from registering. Edit: If not global auto-approving of user account creation, I think what would be a more reasonable request is an indicator of whether a server auto-approves account creation or whether it is invite only.

Ideas for an alternative lemmy frontend?
cross-posted from: Cross posting this here as this is would likely interest other people in the Lemmy part of the fediverse. I'll still contribute to the official UI too, though. > The other day I started making a UI for lemmy with a different framework than is used by the official one as a way of getting some hands on experience with SolidJS. I considered making a clone of the existing UI, but I started thinking that I could make it look different. Since lemmy doesn't tie you to a specific UI, it could be nice to give instances another option. At the moment, the only web UIs I know of for lemmy is the official one and the bulletin board one. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

Europeans and Oceanians of Lemmy, what are the pros and cons of living in your country?
I (17NB) am thinking of emigrating from the UK when I'm older, but I'm unsure of where I would want to go. If you live in Europe or Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, etc.), what are the good and bad things about life in your country?

Suggestion: make the link clickable in the sidebar
Just a quick suggestion: in the sidebar, you say: "Not regarding lemmy support (c/lemmy_support)" Maybe make that a clickable link?

Lemmy posts openning links in lemmy’s tab is annoying
Hello Every time I hit an interesting post, it opens whatever web page in the same tab lemmy was opened, and thus I loose lemmy. Is there a way to configure lemmy to open links in a new tab instead of the actual lemmy tab?

I just looked back and my phone and downvotes started to roll in at INSANE speed! I honestly though that it was a glitch! Before that, this post had 1 downvote, and suddenly SIXTY FIVE of them! I am not a conspiracy guy, but WHAT THE HELL? Also, all comments agreed with me that this is a cool meme, so that makes it extra suspicious.

Millennials and early Gen Z of Lemmy, what did you do for fun before phones became such a huge part of our lives?
I keep cutting out things like social media from my lifestyle, but I'm finding it hard to fill the time. Reading can only go so far, there's never anything on TV, and my friends all live twelve miles away. So, before we really had social media, what did teenagers do?

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Any recommend recipes
Does anyone have a go-to recipe?

Temporarily mute a user
Is there a way to temporarily mute a user? I don't necessarily want to block a user forever but it'd be nice to filter out their noise for a week.

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