A preview of next-level voice assistants: chatgpt with ears and mouth
You just need a chatgpt account to make it work. The text to voice quality is not that great but the answers make sense with it, compared to all dumb competitors, almost all the time.

cross-posted from: > I've been wondering about these questions for a while now but the docs were scarce. > > 1. Does loading an image (cache/thumbnail) from external hosting takes up any server storage? If so, is it cleaned up when original image deleted? > 1. Do (internally hosted) "orphan" images (not linked to any post/comments) get deleted? > 1. Any recommendations for image hosting? Preferably freemium+donation based, open source, able to keep spinning until end of times -- all that jazz > 1. In relation to creating posts on lemmiverse: any hints for streamlined workflow uploading images to external hosting? (bookmarklets, scripts, custom frontends) > 1. Are there any promising Lemmy initiatives for optimizing storage usage? > > Got any questions of your own about image hosting? Let's hear it

Apple Has Begun Scanning Your Local Image Files Without Consent
cross-posted from: > Brave new tech-totalitarian world

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