Coinbase CEO urges Bitcoin legal tender for Brazil, Argentina — Reaction
cross-posted from: > Armstrong’s suggestion may be based on El Salvador, another Latin American country, recognizing BTC as a legal tender back in 2021. The move brought various benefits to the country, such as a surge in tourism in 2022, with 1.1 million people visiting the country. In addition, El Salvador was able to build schools and a veterinary hospital using profits from its Bitcoin purchases.

Joe Biden and the CIA Worked to Install Current Communist Regime in Brazil - This Was All Planned
cross-posted from: > As we continue to witness “the worst communist takeover ever” take place in Brazil keep in mind that this was the work of the current Biden regime and CIA. > > Will the Western media report on this? Or are they still badmouthing populist President Bolsonaro? > > Joe Biden and the Deep State are fully to blame for this horrific international development.