Reddit dropping FF Android support???

So I realize many of you aren’t on reddit and use this instead, but wanted to share on here anyways. Tried navigating to reddit since updating to Android 12, and getting hit with this wonderful pop-up. …

Firefox 95 will have some JS performance improvement

Off thread full parsing enables the browser to perform full bytecode parsing of specific JS scripts off the main thread instead of parsing them on the main thread during execution.

The most important extensions for Firefox and your privacy…

A very interesting feature is the ability to group tabs in Google Chrome. Does this feature exist in Firefox?..


Help changing the color of FF reader mode on mobile

I modified reader.color_scheme at about:config and it worked flawlessly on both my home and work PCs, but not on the phone, it just stays white. …

Starting with Firefox 93, Firefox will monitor available system memory and, should it ever become so critically low that a crash is imminent, Firefox will respond by unloading memory-heavy but not actively used tabs. This feature is currently enabled on Windows and will be deployed later for macOS a…

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