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Font sizing for comments
I see we can adjust the font size in the settings, however this doesn't change the font size of comments which is huge. Am i missing something or is this feature not added yet? edit I thought I would play with the code base and found what i would consider the issue. Running a local build it is running the way i like so i will refine this into a pull request and submit it.

The app flashes a light that fills the *entire* screen up whenever I click another tab.

I’m reasonably certain that if a password has the character “,” in it, Jeroba won’t log in to that account
I'm not actually sure what the problematic character is - it might have been " " or another special character (obviously I'd rather not reveal my password 😉). I usually use full, grammatically correct sentences for passwords ("passphrases"). It works in desktop, but in Jeroba if your password has that phrase it won't log you in. Instead, you'll be listed as "Anonymous" and you won't be able to take any action other than switch to a different account or sign out. It took me to my home instance, but I couldn't actually do anything. After changing my password to a more "traditional" one, everything worked fine.

Suggestion: add swipe browsing
The official Reddit app and a number of third party Reddit apps have a function where you tap on a post and can swipe left or right to continue through the feed. Loving Lemmy so far and I appreciate the space that's been created.

Been using and greatly enjoying Jerboa for a few months. One feature I'd love to see is a way to filter posts in the local and global feeds, for example filtering out results by instance, text in post title, community etc. I see the default Lemmy "block" function has some but not all of this functionality, I think filters would be an elegant way to enhance this.

While writing any post or reply, using the backspace key often deletes the previous word (merge two previous tokens) which makes writing anything longer than a sentence hell.

Jerboa App
Really nice App, with the latest version, fixing the status bar visibility, in dark mode...although the bottom action bar, is now twice the height of the previous version.. Will there be a fix to this in the next release?

I happen to encounter this issues on posts with a longer title, the title gets cropped like that.

Works with the new lemmy version.

- Fix material 3 crash on android 11 and below devices. Fixes #264 by @dessalines in - Add donation link by @dessalines in - Fix bad_url for torrent magnet links. Fixes #270 by @dessalines in **Full Changelog**:

App not opening in 0.0.22
The app instantly crash when I try to run it. I had tried installing both from f-droid and the github APK, none of them worked. 0.0.21 works fine, though is someone else having this problem? I'm on Android 10

Release Notes: - Material v3 by @dessalines in - Dynamic Themes, and Green and Pink. - Adds Scrolling app bars. - Better post listing header layout. - Various UI improvements. **Full Changelog**:

* Change sidebar to info by @dessalines in * Remove top route. by @dessalines in * Adding copy post link. Fixes #168 by @dessalines in * Organizing imports. by @dessalines in * More sidebar stats by @dessalines in * Fixing siFormat issue when 0. Fixes #170 by @dessalines in * Adding a settings page. by @dessalines in * Adding light and dark theme options. Fixes #254 by @dessalines in * Add about page by @dessalines in * Smaller action bars by @dessalines in ![]( ![](

Font size is too big
Hello, I am new to lemmy and this is my first post. I use the "Jerboa for Lemmy" app, but I don't like that the size of the text font of posts and comments is big and I don't see an option to change the size. When I click "View Source" of a comment, it shows the comment in smaller size which it better and easier to read.

Feature request: ability to view inbox comment in context
I get a reply from someone but I want to see the context for our conversation: in Boost for Reddit I can do that. I can't do that with jerboa as far as I can see.

Search function
Hey, really enjoying using the app. Was wondering if a search function could be included? I know you can search for communities but it'd be nice to be able to search for posts like you can do on the website.

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Multiple accounts shown in timeline
Hey all, Just wanted to ask whether it would be possible for multiple accounts to be shown in the timeline and not having to switch over to one to see posts from the other. Just like lemmur implements it.

## What's Changed * Fix prettytime crash. Fixes #238 by @dessalines in **Full Changelog**:

Jerboa F-droid version 0.0.19 is now optimized
I figured out the f-droid version wasn't using a minified / optimized version of jerboa. It should be must faster now.

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Cross Post Button Missing?
Hi, Is it possible to cross Post with jerboa? In lemmur there's a button for that. Additionally, which app is considered to be used in the long term? Seems both are maintained, so is it just a matter of taste?

## What's Changed * Coil upgrade v2 by @dessalines in * Fix comment scrolling bug. Fixes #231 by @dessalines in * Fix create post bug. Fixes #230 by @dessalines in * Fix account bug. Fixes #229 by @dessalines in **Full Changelog**:

Changelog: * Running lint, updating deps. by @dessalines in * Moving to kotlinter-gradle by @dessalines in * Fixing unit tests. by @dessalines in * Some items fixes. by @dessalines in * Upgrade accompanist by @dessalines in * Fix comment header with flowrow. Fixes #207 by @dessalines in * Make comment slightly larger. Fixes #213 by @dessalines in * Make comment icon smaller. Fixes #212 by @dessalines in * Changing star to bookmark. Fixes #210 by @dessalines in * Fix comment indent. Fixes #211 by @dessalines in * Make post pictures wider. Fixes #196 by @dessalines in * Deduplicate scrolling posts. Fixes #219 by @dessalines in * Adding a login first message. Fixes #206 by @dessalines in * Lazycolumn 2 by @dessalines in * Fix deleted item header spacing. Fixes #222 by @dessalines in * Adding deep links. by @dessalines in **Full Changelog**:

Features we’d like to see in Jerboa
I've always been a lemmur user. But since it became unmaintained and unusable to the point of not being able to log in, I had to make the switch to jerboa. Although the latter is more or less functional, its ui and ux are very limiting and lack many essential features in my eyes. Here's what I propose (if the lemmy devs are still interested in developing the app): - A settings page, similar to the website. - Default sorting: everytime I launchthre app I have to reconfigure the sorting from local & active to subscribed & new. but I found a way to fix that by clearing app data then once you launch the app fix the sorting before logging in and this will ensure that your preferences won't change after relaunch. - Ability to search posts and users. - open links in app instead of web, bonus points if includes links to communities and posts from a federated instance. - community stats in sidebar + trending communities - there's no way to see the sidebar of other federated instances from the app (or what communities they have). I didn't even know which instances federates with until I explored the website. - Cross-posting (?) - markdown editor with preview - see modlog of the instance (and other federated ones) and its communities. - fixing infuriating bugs when typing I recall that Dessalines said that he had to learn android programming from scratch to make the app. So it's understandable why we haven't seen any update in a while. But it is still a fact nontheless that we mobile users are neglected. Anyways, I'm leaving this post here if someone wanted to take reference for any future contribution to Jerboa or any other similar project. I would've loved to learn coding myself and contribute but at the moment I'm biting more than I can chew (maybe in the future I'd have some time who knows).

How to view modlog?

* Reverting back to old markdown renderer. Was much better overall. by @dessalines in * Debounce search box input. Fixes #154 by @dessalines in * Ability to delete posts and comments. Fixes #152 by @dessalines in * Comment tree rework 1 by @dessalines in **Full Changelog**:

How do I browse a different instance than of the selected account?
Example: How do I browse Lemmygrad from a account?

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