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  • Replace the ssd in your laptop and install fedora, set it up with the same user account name and password as your old setup. Then cp -rvp your home directory from the old drive into your newly created home dir (best to do this from your old install and make sure the uid matches with your old one) on the new ssd. Pick and choose what /etc configs you want to save etc.

    Youll have to reinstall whatever applications you use. There may be some issues with KDE stuff or other config tweaks youll need to do but you should be fine.

    You could attempt to clone your entire rootfs but its generally better to start fresh if you can.

  • He used to be good especially when the steam deck was first being released he did some good early videos on it. However it seems like in the last year or so every single minipc/handheld/etc vendor started sending him free review units and he feels compelled to do a video on every single one. He’s probably got rooms full of awesome tech stuff that isn’t being used, or he sells it.

    I kinda stopped paying attention to him when he said oculink 4i has 8 lanes of pcie, or something like that.

    Also him paying windows 11 any mind at all while acknowladging steam on Linux works fine for every game he tests is pretty cringe.