Melty Land Nightmare - Harumaki Gohan featuring 初音ミク
The artwork is what caught my eye at first! It's gorgeous. I highly recommend watching the music video. Below are links to English and German covers (or versions?) as well. The German one is shortened, apparently due to laziness. [Melty Land Nightmare - English Cover by rachie]( [Melty Land Nightmare (german version) by Mimi](

"Random AtariST chiptunes - currently one a day." It's a bot on Mastodon with lots of fun AY chip tunes!

What are you listening to right now?
I am really into Boards of Canada and related acts currently. Their music is the perfect vibe for chill autumn walks. Other stuff that I can recommend: - Desert Rock (Tinariwen, Terakaft, Imarhan, Mdou Moctar) - Old School French House (everything Roulé) - Howie Lee – 天地不仁 Tiān Dì Bù Rén (Experimental Electronica from Beijing)

One of the only Aesop Rock songs that could be considered socialist.

Fun fact: The videoclip is filmed during the famous [San Fermin festivities](

This release really blew my mind last week. Thought I'd share since I'm on here, and still thinking about it. It's from a big band in the vaporwave scene, though it's hard to describe as that at some points xD

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