Which subreddits would you most like to see on Lemmy?
I'm genuinely so excited to see some of the more focussed communities blossom on this platform as they have on Reddit over the years. Which are your favourites and which do you think could succeed here?

Muli-factor authentication for Lemmy accounts
New Reddit refugee here! One thing I noticed when signing up for Lemmy is the lack of multi-factor authentication to protect my account. Just curious if this on the roadmap?

Lemmy is booming
Lemmy is booming I have never before received so many reactions and comments on my Lemmy posts before, so it's obvious to see, that there are many new members here. Welcome to all the new! And I'm looking forward to see more of you here. Cheers!

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my thoughts on lemmy so far
Just joined, and well, I'm thinking ill stay. Ive been looking for a good reddit alternative for a while now. devs, you've done quite some good work here.

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Community VS. Instance
Hello! I want to start a group of communities on here, regarding proprietary software for iOS, MacOS and Windows. Is its better to host communities or instances in this case? What to do and when?

Can I subscribe to mastodon users?
I know it's possible to follow communities on lemmy from a mastodon account, but I was wondering if it's possible to do the reverse, and subscribe to a mastodon user? I wanted to try and get a combined feed from both platforms - I prefer lemmy, and given it works one way I was hoping it might work the other?

creating a community fails
Hello, creating a community on firefox fails currently, the button turns to a loading button but never proceeds to send a request anywhere

Desktop Browser Lemmy UI - Inquiring about other possible instances
There seems to be different UIs for Lemmy, but it's instance-wide and thus configured by the admin of that instance. There seems to be an instance that isn't federated that uses a different UI, the only instance that I know of is Hexbear, that properly utilizes space of a desktop web browser to display content. So what I'm wondering is, are there any federated instances that use that UI? I would obviously like to stay part of the fediverse with good moderation, I just want to find something that has UI that takes advantage of more screen real estate. Also if there is anyone who is more familiar with the UI, hosting your own instance etc., is there any reason in particular why someone who is setting up a new instance couldn't or shouldn't use the UI that Hexbear is using?

Where is the best place to ask questions about hosting instances?
This seems like the most relevant community. I have so many questions - some from pure curiosity, and some from actually considering hosting an instance.

Match Requested Format
Trying to create a new community and I get that error for the name. I try tapping the ? In the circle and nothing. What am I missing?

@lemmy I just realized that you can submit posts to any lemmy community from any mastodon / fediverse account. This is pretty cool!
[@lemmy]( I just realized that you can submit posts to any lemmy community from any mastodon / fediverse account. This is pretty cool!
@lemmy I just realized that you can submit posts to any lemmy community from any mastodon / fediverse account. This is pretty cool!

Are there plans for a crosspost feature?
Crossposts are a great way to follow posts from one community to the next, and discover more user contributions. I would love to see that on Lemmy.

I have a question about communities. Are communities server-specific, for example, is the "Gaming" community on different from the one on, say, and will I need to join both?

Here is my feedback for Lemmy’s developers as more people join us here.
Hello everyone! I recently [posted]( about asking third party devs switch APIs from reddit to lemmy on the open source community here. As we know, lemmy should obviously be seeing a lot of new users join, and I have some humble suggestions to the developers of Lemmy [](, []( and the other devs. Just like Mastodon did, can we redesign the homepage to appear more user friendly welcoming? Don't get me wrong, not that the current homepage is bad or so, but it appears to look tech nerdy for the average user, a constant feedback I've been getting on my recent posts promoting Lemmy at Reddit. **Here are some improvements in my mind:** - Change background in lemmy's website to be plain colour, and increase the explanations' font size as well as more explanations, like what a server is in the server page, add some lemmy style modern icons next to the explanations. (example: Lemmy is open source, so throw an icon that represents open source). Right now for the average user, the homepage might seem a little overwhelming due to lots of text going on, like Mastodon's new design, make the explanations appear bigger and give some space between them, even if it means more scrolling. - **Make and link an "API" page on the homepage**, like we have for "join, news, app, donate and etc" saying "welcoming third-party developers" and explaining how Lemmy is open source and how API will remain freely accessible forever. This page should also consist information and links to API, helping devs migrate from reddit to Lemmy or even start making their first third-party app from scratch. At the moment I even got some comments from my other posts regarding Lemmy on reddit, and people are asking where is Lemmy's API or they are unaware of an API, it's not as visible. So **we need an API page.** - Remove Remmel as iOS app and replace it since it's no longer developed, a common question on reddit as people don't realize it's abandoned. - Provide some explanation as to how web apps can be added on platforms like iOS (and android, etc), especially since we lack a stable iOS app right now. If you have anymore, please feel free to shoot a comment below guys! I will add em here :)

Lemmy seems somewhat centralizing
Due to lemmys focus on communities instead of individuals it seems like some level of centralization is going to occur or already has. As an example ! is going to be a way more active community than ! now if i run a terrible server called and bans it as they should then nobody on will be able to interact with the largest communities such as !privacy, !technology, etc. Other servers may have their own versions of these but they will most likely be rarely used. Mind, i doubt's mods would do this, but a rogue mod could really break things by just banning other instances for no reason. I have been on mastodon for years but am decently new to lemmy so if i am misunderstanding this please correct me

Fellow reddit refugee here. I'm having trouble logging in using LibreWolf (basically firefox) with multi account containers turned on. I can log in fine with Chrome or in a LibreWolf Private Window, and most other sites work fine, so apparently I've got something configured weird or is doing some weird cross-site authentication or setting a cookie from another site. I have set to always use a Lemmy container, Google set to always use a Google container, using a Mastodon container, etc., and those all work fine, but Lemmy just spins when I click the button to log in. Anyone know what else I should whitelist to log in normally?

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Is there a space to request features?
I'm loving Lemmy so far, but there are a couple of things I'd really love to see implemented. Is there a good place to voice those ideas?

how can I request a community be created?
Hello, is there a way I can request or create a community be created? I want to create a lemmy team fortress 2 community to be created through is there a possible way to request it?

User up/downvoted history?
So, as another Reddit refugee, I was wondering if there's also a way to view the posts I've voted on here? On Reddit I liked to use that to quickly find posts I wanted to check back on, while "saved" was only for really exceptional content.

Any plans for a multireddit like feature?
Something I made quite extensive use of back on Reddit was the ability to wrap related subreddits into a single multireddit, which I could then browse as I wanted. e.g. a multireddit for tech related subreddits, another for memes of all varieties, and so on Just curious if there were any plans to implement this.

collapse all child posts while keeping parent post visible
this is pretty useful when using RES or baconreader.

404 on fr documentation
The docs link in fr page gives 404

I think there's a bug somewhere :) ![](

Multiple open tabs result in strange behaviour
Today I noticed an interesting bug in lemmy-ui. If you open a post in one tab and then open a new tab where you subscribe to a different community, the sidebar and "target community" of the post in the previous tab will be updated to the newly subscribed community. However, this only happens when you subscribe to remote communities. I suspect the reason for this is that the FollowCommunityResponse is sent to both websockets of the open tabs. I don't know if the upcoming removal of the websocket API will make this bug a non-issue, so I haven't reported it on Github. :::spoiler Expand for some screenshots ![]( ![]( ::: (Browser is Firefox 113.0.2 btw)

I love seeing post/comment language tags!
It's a good reminder to use the language feature.

Fixing the Broken Federation System: Addressing Flaws in User Bans and Community Fragmentation
I would like to draw your attention to an issue regarding the banning of users within a community. Currently, when a user is banned from a community, they are completely prohibited from posting. However, I believe that this is not an ideal solution as it can lead to fragmentation within the federated network. If different instances do not agree on the reason for the ban, it could cause each instance to create their own community, making the federation pointless. Each instance would have practically the same communities, and none of them would be federated with one another. Instead, I suggest that banned users should still be allowed to post, but their posts should be hidden in that instance. This would help to maintain the integrity of the federated network and ensure that all instances can share the same communities. Alternatively, you could consider [merging communities across instances](

Why doesn’t lemmy have a card view option like reddit has?

Welcome Reddit refugees!
We are happy to see that many of you are exploring Lemmy after Reddit announced changes to its API policy. I maintain this project alongside []( Lemmy is similar to Reddit in many ways, but there is also a major difference: Its not only a single website, but consists of many different websites which are interconnected through federation. This is achieved with the ActivityPub protocol which is also used by Mastodon. It means that you can sign up on any Lemmy instance to interact with users and communities on other instances. The project website has a [list of instances]( which all have their own rules and administrators. We recommend that you sign up on one of them, to avoid overt centralization on Another difference compared to Reddit is that Lemmy is open source, and not funded by any company. For this reason it relies on volunteer work to make the project better, whether it's programming, design, documentation, translating, reporting issues or others. See the [contributing guide]( to get started. You can also [donate]( to support development. We also recommend that you read the [documentation]( It explains how Lemmy works and how to setup your own Lemmy instance. Running an instance gives you full control over the rules and moderation, and prevents us developers from having any influence. Especially large communities that want to use Lemmy should host their own instance, because existing Lemmy instances would easily be overwhelmed by a large number of new users. Enjoy your time here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or in the [Matrix chat](

Timeline starts scrolling in “new” sorting
When reading posts sorted by date, I often have the timeline import a whole bunch of old posts from one community at the top. This is annoying since I basically have to reload the page, otherwise all relevant content is gone. The new sort is pretty important, since Lemmy doesn't have a lot of posts anyways.

New LemmyBB version 0.2.1
A new LemmyBB version is available! The main features are: - Admins and mods can remove posts - Badges for admins, mods and banned users - Moderation log - All pages have a title now - New feature to build LemmyBB with embedded Lemmy, in a single binary - Various bug fixes and improvements This new version requires Lemmy 0.17.0 or higher. When upgrading, make sure to follow the [Lemmy upgrade instructions](, particularly the PostgreSQL upgrade. To upgrade with Docker installation, simply change the `image` in `docker-compose.yml` to `lemmynet/lemmybb:0.2.1` and run `docker-compose up -d`. In case of manual installation, checkout the git tag `0.2.1`, run `cargo build --release` and deploy the resulting binary. It is also recommended to increase the rate limits, because LemmyBB makes more requests than lemmy-ui. To do this, visit `/admin` in lemmy-ui and change the values for "Message rate limit" and "Search rate limit" to a high number like `9999`. [Full changelog](

#Facebook und #Twitter haben eines erreicht:
[\#Facebook]( und [#Twitter]( haben eines erreicht: Ich werde keiner kommerziell betrieben social media-Plattform mehr beitreten. Ja, ich nutze noch [#LinkedIn]( und [#Reddit]( Das sind für mich Plattformen, für die ich noch keinen adäquaten Ersatz gefunden habe (nein, [@lemmy]( ist noch kein Ersatz für Reddit!). Aber neuen Plattformen werde ich nicht beitreten. Und das bedeutet auch, dass ich mir [#Substack]( nicht einmal anschauen werde.
#Facebook und #Twitter haben eines erreicht:

although it also applies to Reddit of course.

Ideas for Consolidating Similar Posts and Streamlining Responses
How could Lemmy be improved to make it easier to find all the responses related to what you are looking for? 1. Introduce a "Related Posts" section: This section would display a list of all the posts that are related to the one you are currently viewing. It would help users to easily navigate to other posts discussing the same topic. 2. Group Similar Posts Together: Lemmy could group together posts that have similar titles or are discussing the same topic. This would help users to easily find all the related posts and responses in one place. 3. Use Tags: Lemmy could introduce a tagging system that would allow users to tag their posts with specific keywords or topics. This would help users to easily find all the posts and responses related to a specific tag.

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Inbox RSS feeds are wonky
Whenever I click on a link to a comment in the Inbox RSS feed, it gives me the following error `"404: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'send')"`

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