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FIrefox mobile really needs to up its game… The refresh was a nice idea, but it feels like they just left it half-way :/

completely unrelated to this topic, but happy cake day :)

To add to what others have said, you could try RocksDB and use one of the many Rust wrappers available. I have never used it, but I’ve heard great things from it, and afaik the Conduit project is working on moving from sled to RocksDB. Maybe you could hop on their Matrix channel and chat about this :)

Yup, like zote said, it is a regular soju instance with a gamja client served too. You can connect to any network and chat away! I have tried Libera and OFTC for now and it worked wonders :)

coc is nice, but I’m super excited for the neovim LSP stuff that is being developed. They are already nice, but not on par with integrations on VSC and the likes.

I’ve read somewhere else (don’t recall where) that they didn’t want to do that now, but may do further down the road. I think it’s fair; properly running a network isn’t trivial, and this is already a great contribution to the IRC scenery.

Announcing a persistent IRC session for sourcehut users

I’ve tried it already and it’s really neat. Drew was also very nice and explained me a lot of stuff :3
What are your thoughts?..

Yeah, I suppose it may be something like that. Would be nice to see a comparison of vanilla Lineage vs Lineage+MircoG vs Lineage+OpenGApps

Happy to help :3

You bring up a nice point. It would be indeed really neat to have the DEs integrate better with Matrix and other platforms.

hehe x)

What’s wtv?

whatever ;)

Mmm, I suppose so. how hard would you expect it to be?

Some emojis are pretty much universal, while others clearly aren’t. The ones in GitHub’s selection are pretty normal, with exception of the thumbs-up/down I suppose (reading from that article). It’s really a matter of context. In most cases, the use of emoji reactions is fine and brings benefits.
If someone isn’t okay with them, I think they should politely ask their colleagues to stop using them, which is, in my opinion, a better compromise than just not having reactions altogether.

I think the best shot you have atm is simply to accept donations on LiberaPay, OpenCollective, or wtv.

Or, you know, run a crypto miner script on the website /s

For a developer platform I find this unprofessional

I know I’m off-topic, but why is it so? I find them rather neat, as they allow for quick and concise responses (yes, no, agree, disagree, interesting, curious, yay, gj, etc).

I think they could be added, as long as they can be visually disabled in clients, for people that don’t want the clutter (or maybe neatly hide them away, while still being in reach if needed). Also, custom emojis for sure, even in text content.

Yeah it seems the link is nowhere to be found on their page… Lol

Why are you suspicious of Monero forks? I dislike the premise and background of Mobile Coin too (and its weird tie to Signal) but a Monero fork doesn’t seem inherently bad.

Sounds like a nice filter that could be added :)
You should open a GitHub issue too

Atualização 0.14.3 - correção de bugs

Boas! …

publicação cruzada de: …

publicação cruzada de: …

The second episode of LTT’s Linux challenge is out…


The Website Obesity Crisis

Found this article on HN comment thread. Really nice read!
It clearly shows problems in 2015 and made accurate predictions that in 2020 things would be even worse…


Is Your Privacy An Illusion? (Taking on Big Tech) - Smarter Every Day 263

It’s great to see a big channel (10M subs) talking about the issue, but Destin failed to point out that GAFAM and others collect data because it benefits them immensely for targeted ads and other uses, and not just because the government asks for it. It sort of painted a nice pictured for them, like…

cross-post from: …

10 Year Phone

Aqui está uma bela iniciativa do mesmo coletivo que gere o portal…


I just found this article and thought it was rather neat. I haven’t carefully read it all through, though. …

É um artigo em inglês, mas co-escrito pelo Celso Martinho, um dos fundadores da SAPO, portanto achei pertinente partilhar…

Linus Said - A SUSE Music Parody

Just found this gem today lol …

Amanhã sai o Son of a Dungeon da Corridor Digital

Viva! Amanhã sai o primeiro episódio da nova série Son of a Dungeon da Corridor Digital, uma série de D&D que me parece muito única. Pelos “behind the scenes” que tenho visto (sou subscritor no site deles), a qualid…

newest addition to my cow collection just presented itself in my fish greeting…

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