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I believe there’s been several papers detailing such. But yes, a smoothie is processed, what they mean here is “ultra-processed”.

Then get off the internet, none if it is secure.

Exactly. WOTC already fucked itself IMO. Lost my support.

If PF2e gets screwed over, I’ll be switching to GURPS.

Fuck, so we can’t use PF either. But like I said, is 2e falling under the OGL 1.1?

Would this stop PF2e? I could see 1e, but 2e is quite a bit different and I don’t think they could claim it here.

What’s happening in D&D that’s attacking PF?

Maybe that wouldn’t be much of an issue if we had any semblance of public transit.

This is garbage. Want to bring down google? Just stop using google products.

You realize Marx already wrote thousands of pages to solve this problem right?

Literally any communist could’ve told them this.

Lol, elon bought Tesla, not founded it. Whoever made that is an idiot.