cross-posted from: > I found this picture on here: > > --- > > I get the feeling that whoever made this image didn't even read over the graphs. There's less deaths than cases in the picture. How does that make vaccines bad? > > I can barely tell what these graphs are supposed to say, they are saved as a PNG and the text is so small. > > --- > > Christ, this is pathetic. Anti-vaxxers are really desperate to find an excuse to be anti-vax. Remember kids, watch out for bad science!

Why Psychiatry Isn't Scientific (For Laymen)
cross-posted from: > It's pretty simple to figure once I had a change in perspective; I really wish I figured this out earlier.

I feel like so little studies actually have the reproduction step.
cross-posted from: > Reproducibility is an important aspect of science; reproducibility allows for alternate viewpoints; improvements in the referrant study; and verification that the referrant study is actually possible. > > It could just be my perspective when reading studies; but I'm not seeing much scientists actively attempt to reproduce the result of the referrant study. > > EDIT: or I'm just not seeing it somehow.

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