Requiem for a string: Charting the rise and fall of a theory of everything
> In fact, all the “easy” versions of supersymmetry have been ruled out, and many of the more complicated ones, too. The dearth of evidence has slaughtered so many members of the supersymmetric family that the whole idea is on very shaky ground, with physicists beginning to have conferences with titles like “Beyond Supersymmetry” and “Oh My God, I Think I Wasted My Career.”

Archaeologists discovered a new papyrus of Egyptian Book of the Dead
> Archaeologists have confirmed that a papyrus scroll discovered at the Saqquara necropolis site near Cairo last year does indeed contain texts from the Egyptian Book of the Dead—the first time a complete papyrus has been found in a century, according to Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt. The scroll has been dubbed the "Waziri papyrus." It is currently being translated into Arabic.

Plant-based meats tend to be ultra-processed and few are fortified with key micronutrients found in meat.
Solely relying on plant-based meat could lead to iron, zinc, and B12 deficiencies over time if you are not boosting your intake of these essential nutrients from other sources.

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