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They might try to push out actual posts that would show up on other instances.

Not sure what “defederate” means though. Can’t all the major instances just like… stop following tumblr?

Not sure it matters

Hope so

Lol. But on a more serious note, I don’t think it’ll happen until we reach the tipping point of non-tech people getting on it. I had a friend who tried it years ago and it was all just tech nerds so he eventually fell off of it. Yes the business and personalities side of it is big too, but I don’t think it’ll happen until people are joining because their irl friends are on it

Mastodon needs more angsty teens making relatable meirl depression memes

Ah didn’t realize there was a Phabricator successor, thanks, will add these and your comments on GitTea to the main post

I see, I wasn’t aware. Thanks for the info!

Let’s do em all!:

  • GitHub: most mature/reliable
  • GitLab: the most popular and mature GitHub alternative. Generally seen as a more ethical alternative since it’s not owned by MS and is open-sourced, but is still criticized for it’s open-core business model
  • Bitbucket: the “third party” of the bunch that’s no better than the first
  • GitTea: the “fourth party” that’s actually cool but kinda not quite there yet. Worth keeping an eye because it’s the most likely to integrate with ActivityPub soon
  • Gogs: great, but you need to self-host. GitTea is just a community hosted fork of Gogs
  • SourceForge: wow, they’re still around?
  • Codeberg: centered around open-source projects only. Managed by a non-profit org
  • Launchpad: run by Canonical (Ubuntu), has a lot of other features/goals than just hosting code
  • GitBucket: a self-hostable GitHub clone written in Scala
  • NotABug: another “liberated” version of Gogs
  • Radicle: imo, one of the most interesting alternatives to look at. It’s unique in that it’s build on p2p technologies. Unfortunately, it seems quite coupled with many projects in the web3 space
  • Pagure: RedHat developed git forge that can be selfhosted
  • Phorge: community fork of Facebook’s internal Phabricator forge tool which was deprecated in 2011 but got a lot of things right that GitHub is often criticized for
  • Heptapod: Gitlab modified to work with Mercurial
  • Fossil: self-contained small team collaboration tool doing its own thing entirely
  • Kallithea: git and hg web frontend with code review functionality (community fork of Rhode code)
  • RhodeCode: git and hg frontend (original codebase where Kallithea forked off)
  • Sourcehut: email centric git frontend

Would love to see other people’s one-liner blurbs on these as well

EDIT: added additional alternatives and comments (thanks @poVoq@slrpnk.net especially)

What’s wrong with GitLab? Definitely the most mature alternative.

If you’re really interested in something that will not go down or get discontinued anytime soon, I’d also suggest taking a look at Radicle which is P2P and free

Eh. Probably a good way to limit spam and commercial influence that plagues most attempts at building review sites. I think this is one of the few valid uses of the technique though I’m sure there are other routes they could’ve taken. But things like reputations and trust systems are a big engineering feat to accomplish and get right

Unpopular opinion, but it was probably Poland. The only way Russia can send gas to Europe now is through the Yamal–Europe pipeline which they control

I think equating “damage to property” and “damage to human (or more-than-human) lives” under the same banner of “violence” is a capitalist ploy. It’s used to discredit riots and justify police killings because “both sides” did a violence

The violence was done over the long term. Forcing people to be reliant on exploitation of mother earth for their own survival. All that happened was a bubble popped. We should focus on who made the bubble more than who popped it

All it took was ramping up our exploitation of the third world to artificially keep lithium prices down lol

Can’t wait until the e-waste crisis also stops being ignored. Average lifespan of a solar panel is ~25 years and there’s basically 0 solutions for recycling them (except for this one plant in France I guess). Knowing the US, I doubt we’ll have anything figured out before it’s too late again

Same exact comment holds for Russia. Crimea was 8 years ago and they’ve lost a lot of troops and equipment

Wow this is really good advice, thanks so much! I’ll definitely make use of those resources. I think the biggest thing for me when picking up a new tech/language is finding the right hobby project to spend too much time on haha

This isn’t really accurate though. It’s pretty clear this is a proxy war for the US to weaken Russia. NATO has made major expansions in Europe at least 3 times in the past two decades and each time it’s been denounced by basically the whole world. Putin might lie to his own people but on the foreign stage he’s been completely honest the entire time. I won’t go as far as to say “he had no other choice” but I do think it’s important to highlight the fact that Biden has publicly discussed the plan to “weaken” Russia.

Zelenskyy ran on a platform to make peace with Russia and they were literally in peace talks about to finalize a plan. It was NATO that went in and disrupted that

I’m not trying to defend Putin by any means, but I just think the framing of “it was Russia that chose to go to war” is painting an overly simplistic picture

How did you get into Clojure? I’ve been thinking of picking it up

The US has been the key to the rapid training of the Ukrainians. As much as the US military is a bit of a paper tiger, it’s still got a ton of resources and preparedness for things like this

I think you’re kinda misinterpretting it though. It’s a not a “strike” in the true sense of the word. I helped organize these events for a while after that first major global climate strike a few years ago. The main thing we realized that came out of it is bringing together many different orgs. And especially to get people who are otherwise allies but not really involved in organizing to actually start organizing.

Maybe if we do this enough we’ll eventually have something organized enough to have a true strike, but until then I think events like these are quite necessary

Yeah the creation of this community is extremely cringe tbh