Those who don’t identify as a fella also welcome to answer!

I’m getting tired of my wallet and I’m hoping to get some new ideas. Current EDC is my phone, wallet, and keys on a lanyard. Whatchu got?

Edit: I ought to be a little more specific with my EDC, since most people are kindly taking the time to do so.

Phone: Pixel 8 Pro Wallet: bulky leather wallet, I don’t even remember the brand, I’ve had it so long. Keys: a stylized lanyard with various house keys, car key fob, and a keychain that reads “I hope your day is as good as my butt” from my wife. I have to keep that, you understand.

Misc: Burt’s Bees chapstick, Listerine breath strips, and occasionally a utility knife depending on my destination.

  • TmpodMA
    7 days ago

    I carry my things in the front pockets of my jeans: on the right, just my bare Pixel 4a; on the left, my keychain (with 3 keys and 2 small tools, no car keys), my small leather wallet I bought at an artisan market many years ago and occasionally my trusty Edifier X3 earbuds.
    Then, in case I make purchases and people hand me tickets (which I’ve been getting into the habit of refusing in advance, no need to waste paper), I stash them in one of my back pockets, typically the right one.

    The layout for my left front pocket is almost always the wallet to my right, the keychain to the left and the earbud case on top of the wallet.

    Additionally, I typically wear my analog wristwatch (smallish, very simple and non-flashy, matte grey metal core with lightish leather band) in my left arm and, in sunny days, wear my aviator-style glasses.

    In winter, I may use a scarf and/or gloves, but it’s often not necessary where I live.