I’m here to have some conversation, look for information and learn new things. Besides the Galician (Portuguese far from the north), I write in castellano, english et français.

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Boa tarde.

Entendo que na atualidade já estás a usar serviços de hospedagem geridos por empresas. Não estás a hospedar os serviços no teu hardware. Então aí não haveria mais que uma mudança de empresa que interessaria por oferecer alguma vantagem.

Entendo que na oferta de patrocínio dalguma maneira querem ter publicidade nas instâncias. Deixam claro o que querem fazer?

Poderia ser Dinahosting ou talvez outra empresa. Eu, a verdade, não tenho conhecimento suficientemente profundo de como se move este mundo, mas sei que haveria outras alternativas com infraestrutura local e que ofereçam emprego de qualidade.

Talvez caia alguma proposta mais por aqui.


But it’s hard to imagine that it works that way.

Would it, then, be used to republish a comment when the content is accessed from other Fediverse platforms?

Although the link gives an error in the browser, it can actually be used to look for the comment. I used it here from Tusky for Android.

I had to copy the link. I can’t imagine what’s the context where the icon is used directly without leading to an error, because, anyway, browsing the Lemmy instance, when the Fediverse icon is clicked, a link is opened in a new tab with a 404 error. It’s an undesirable behavior.

Yes, thanks. Anyway I’ve seen that and I mentioned it.

If I try to open this comment in a new browser tab by pressing the Fediverse icon above, it redirects to https://lemmy.ml/comment/166757 that doesn’t exist.

Edit: After reading some answers I have understood that the link does exist, but not to be opened directly from a browser, but to access the answer from other Fediverse platforms. What doesn’t make sense is that if you press It from the Lemmy web interface it leads to a 404 error.

The correct address is https://lemmy.ml/post/241826/comment/166757 the same that is generated and copied to clipboard by pressing the icon in the form of links near the Fediverse icon.

It seems to be a shortcut to open the comment url. Specifically opens the full article but at the height of the comment from which the link was generated, by pressing the icon. There is a bug and the links are not being generated correctly, because they lack the part of the url that refers to the publication in which the comment has been made. I will now make a comment to have a practical example.

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I suppose a comment can be deleted or a user can be banned depending on who manages and moderates each community within an instance, apart from the rules (if any) that they establish in each case. It would be a problem of certain communities, which in others does not appear.

In regard to meat eating, I presume that the case would be given in a vegan thematic community, possibly with comments in an unconstructive attitude or out of context.

There can be the case that a community exists as a propagandistic platform in which no debate with discordant positions is allowed. It’s probably not the best practice, but there it is. You can also negatively evaluate publications, try to create new post introducing and argumenting your disconformity, or even disagree by not participating or blocking the community.

I think there are other communities that are not like this for now. There is also the option to participate in other instances or to host your own.

Ok. Thank you. Let’s try again!

I created my first Lemmy accounts in two instances hosted by people near me. I’ve found some problems to interact with people in other instances, except for lemmy.ml.

It could be some federation lack between instances.I don’t know.

The maintenance, support and moderation of the instanc are also important to choose it for the daily use.

Finally I created an account in lemmy.ml and it’s the only one I’m using now.

Yes, it’s so easy and it’s well documented. You only need to read some documents about the prerequisites you need, launch the installer and follow the instructions to easily configure the service you want to put online.

If you need an easy way to try it, you can use Yunohost. It includes Mastodon and Pleroma packages.

I’m not enthusiastic about gaming or using modern equipment, so I have no experience coming directly to give you a solution, but I’ll tell you what steps I’d try to take.

Asking this question here can be a good start but we have to go further, which I understand you’re already doing. I guess at least you’ve also searched for forums, wikis or documentation, for example. That’s the beginning.

In the case of very new hardware, there are probably no solutions for these drawbacks or, if they exist, they are still difficult to implement. I don’t think I’m telling you anything new, because if you’re a regular user of Free Software, you must know what happens in these cases where the manufacturer armor its products with patents and proprietary software.

Here is where the main GNU/Linux distros should be selected, especially those most concerned about giving solutions to gamers, testing them and, if anything is missing, requesting the implementation of new features.

The most important thing would be to expose the case and request the solution directly to the manufacturer, always looking for more affected users, joining and demanding solutions getting strong from the community.

It’s not enough for a Swiss. Keep trying.