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It’s really amazing how this last year or two has very clearly shown commodity oil prices have absolutely nothing to do with the prices consumers pay for refined oil products. Yet the myth remains…

While I agree in theory that gas prices should be higher, there aren’t really any alternatives in the US. Aside from a select few densely populated urban areas, people need cars to go about their daily lives. Much of this is indeed due to car and oil company (and maybe even tire company) lobbying and lawmaking forcing a car-centric lifestyle on the country, but regardless it will take a very long time for the US to move away from cars as the mode of transport.

High gas prices are even a problem in parts of Europe, even when most cities are livable without a car. There was a huge protest movement triggered in France a few years ago (Gilles Jaunes - Yellow Vests) when the metropolitan political establishment in walkable and well served with public transportation Paris decided to raise national gasoline taxes. The rural citizens, especially those working in agriculture, were furious. Their livelihoods were threatened.

I can only speak for my observations in my relatively rural local area. People have absolutely no idea what’s coming. They’re convinced energy prices are high because Putin made it so and that renewables will save us, or that we can get the missing gas (that Russia chose not to sell to us but is also selling to us at very high prices apparently) from elsewhere. They think the current government wouldn’t be there if they had known what was in store for them. Nobody worries about food supplies yet, but that’ll be tight next year at the latest as well. My employer has reassured us that our work won’t be impacted as the company is powered by self-sourced renewable energy, but we’re entirely reliant on high quality stainless steel which won’t be readily available soon if not already.

Given what happened during the so-called refugee crisis of 2014, I can’t even imagine what’s in store this winter, when the material conditions of the white labour aristocrat majority are actually impacted.

ARD and ZDF are state media by any reasonable definition. Bookkeeping tricks do not make them meaningfully independent from the state.

Obviously. We’re being told that all these price increases are because Putin is an evil megalomaniac who’s increasing our energy prices. There’s also no space at all for critical voices in the mainstream press, even ones that simply question the wisdom of weapons shipments and financial aid.

Germany theoretically has somewhere between 30-50% of its electricity needs covered by renewables, but grid scale storage isn’t feasible and baseload sources are all being shut down for various political and environmental reasons (nuclear, coal, gas). Germany has been building out renewable energy faster than any other capitalist country that doesn’t have access to easy hydroelectric capacity, and it’s not even close to enough. It also ignores the primary energy and raw materials needs of industry (steel and fertilizer for example). Energiewende has been a failure, both in terms of ROI and GHG emission reductions.

Angway, it’s too late now. Europe’s economy is fucked and it’s not about to recover without a couple revolutions.

Of course it is. There’s a reason why copyright is structured the way it is, and there’s a reason why US domestic law (DMCA) is forced on trading partners.

What’s the source here?

Meanwhile Chinese security researchers have been reporting all year on various hacking and surveillance tools of US intelligence origin.


Long long answer: no cause I said so, hey look Russian meddling

I don’t understand this product. It costs basically the same as the standard Framework Intel 12th Gen, which is available with Linux. An i7 seems like way too much for a Chrome OS device, but I guess it depends how much processing overhead Google expropriates for their nefarious purposes.

It’s ok tho, German homeowners who still heat with wood have to retrofit fine particle filters to their chimneys, and we’ve made natural gas Clean Energy™ by law, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve done everything we can!

There’s been some good reporting on this from the Global Times.

Some thinly veiled anti-China bs.

That was more or less the plan all along with the US trying to block Nord Stream 2. With that online there would be almost no reason for Europe to buy US gas ever again, and trade deals for other resources and goods would likely soon follow based on the existing trade partnerships.

To be fair, Rand has an interest in playing this off as fake either way. The places this report is coming up are really sketchy though.

This blog and the source of the report are so sketchy. The report itself may be true but I’d like to see it from another primary source. The analysis in this particular link is laughable.

Unlike the actual sources which show there was a peace deal in late March before good old Boris came to town put an end to that idea. But why worry about that very likely true story when you can just make up one that looks better for the empire.

I can only get excited about these kinds of things once they’re in mass production. There have been so many “game changing” breakthroughs reported in battery tech over the last five years and none have made it out of the lab.