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This is a relatively old story now, but I thought I would post about it, as I haven’t seen anyone else do the same on this community.


For those that don’t know, DuckDuckGo’s CEO & founder Gabriel Weinberg posted the following on his Twitter:


Would love to know the community’s thoughts. Personally, I don’t think this is a big deal - all search engines have to favour certain results over others… it’s the intrinsic state of a search engine - although I know some people are rather upset.

  • Jay Baker (he/they)
    82 years ago

    It’s interesting. It’s not as apolitical as Gabriel Weinberg makes it sound (because everything is of course political, including opposing disinformation). I’m not sure how DuckDuckGo codify this approach - for example, as terrible as the disinformation from Russia is, what do DuckDuckGo plan to do about the disinformation in the West? Or does that not bother them? Honest questions, by the way; I’m not claiming to know all the answers 🙂