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[question] how to set up my own Lemmy server?
First off, I'm totally new here (Reddit refugee). But I guess we will see an endless September after July 1st. How can we (I?) create an "onboarding" server? or in my case: a lemmy server for (people interested in) programmimg. Let's say I have some (pick one --- or all): - digital ocean droplet (vps) - herzner vps - k8s cluster - get the point ## How do I get my `` Lemmy server running? * is there a `docker-compose.yml` or helm chart to get the services running on my droplet/cluster? * how do i connect my server to other lemmy servers in the fediverse? * are moderation tools available, or do i have to build them on my own? (are there existing repos i can join, to prevent reinventing the wheel) * is there documentation available for that? If not: on what repo can I make pull requests for improving the docs? (i like writing my documentation in markdown + "material for mkdocs" that generates the github/gitlab/whatever pages) thanks in advance :thumbs-up:

Feedback: I try to answer “how to become a systems engineer”
I really like the part where she talks about randomly remembering things looking like magic. I'm 15 odd years into my career now and large part of my debugging approach is that same kind of "randomly remember something relevant" magic that I can't teach the junior engineers I work with.


Github sometimes returns a 500, but after reloading it often works

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#define RANT // Testing winapi IPv6 network code
ok, venting time. VMware workstation has 3 network types and of them only NAT supports ipv6. VMware 17 can only have one NAT network at a time. the one ipv6 address that doesn’t randomly drop is the link local address. but certain traffic like http doesn’t transmit over that network. but I might have found a janky workaround. if I change the subnet range in the virtual network editor it refreshes all of the IPs through DHCP. #endif //RANT

Rules of Thumb for Software Development Estimations

Hey guys. I've been working on a calorie counter for mobile Linux. For the Diary stack, I'd like to add both Beep and Meep widgets in the same row, instead of two different rows. It appears that this is possible, looking at the widget glossary for GTK3. How do I do this?

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