> In this conversation, the host introduces Max Blumenthal, the founder of the Gray Zone, as a special guest. They discuss a website called Mirot Vorets, which is allegedly a kill list operated by the Ukrainian government. The website targets individuals who speak the truth about the war in Ukraine and accuses them of being pro-Russian terrorists, separatists, mercenaries, war criminals, and murderers. The website is described as a non-government center for research of crimes against the national security of Ukraine. It is claimed that the website is funded by the CIA and hosted by NATO. Max Blumenthal expresses concern about the targeting of American citizens and journalists by the Ukrainian government through this website. He mentions that the Ukrainian government openly supports and participates in maintaining the website. There is a suggestion that the website is a proxy for the US or UK government to attack their own citizens indirectly. The conversation highlights the involvement of various individuals and organizations associated with the website, including Victor Garber, a Maidan activist, and the funding from the National Endowment for Democracy and the Open Society Foundation. The conversation emphasizes the significance of this issue but criticizes the lack of attention from mainstream media due to their alignment with the government. The discussion also mentions the murder of a journalist in Ukraine who criticized the Maidan coup and suggests a connection to the website. [Transcript](

I took a look at Rustore which is Russia's biggest app store and is primarily developed by VK.

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