Poor People Deserve Good Things - Trauma, Guilt, Stigma, and Paternalism

Poor people deserve good things. They are people too. This video explores the ways in which poverty is examined from the self through trauma, shame, exhaustion and guilt, the society through social stigma and conservative beliefs, and paternalism of government in programs like stimulus, food stamp…


ADHD in a nutshell

Can you repeat the question?..


The Virgin YouTube vs. the Chad PeerTube

Based video, somewhat unbased comments…


The Danger of Ignoring Julian Assange

A video explaning about how the current situation with Julian Assange came to be and which consequences an extradition to the US would have…


Why does diversity matter in science?

Robert Hazen is a scientist based at the Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical Laboratory and George Mason University. His recent research focuses on the roles of minerals in life’s origins, including mineral-catalyzed organic synthesis and interactions between biomolecules and mineral surfaces, as wel…


Elon Musk: BUSTED!

Good video by Thunderf00t where he compares Elon Musk to Elizabeth Holmes, Bernie Madoff and other snakeoil salesmen…


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