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US military video shows moment Russian aircraft intercepts US drone over Black Sea
Showing that Russia is again full of it in their public announcements and also the extremely poor quality of their pilots.

Yes, all kinds of statements are sort of true even if absurd. E.g. CCCP could defuse the South Sea situation by stopping resistance and finally capitulating to the Republic of China (also known as Taiwan).

Bibbidi bobbidi it’s now US property. Not sure what they can do with it though.

Great that it’s working, but everyone wanting to enable HDR should understand that it uses roughly 50% more energy, and typically disables all energy saving features of televisions.

These people are as great heroes as the German resistance against nazis in World War 2. We should hope they get as much support as possible, so as to stay safe and make a meaningful difference. They are the greatest hope of a world where the west and Russia can exist peacefully, or even as friends.

The idea of a friendly Russia might sound absurd now, but I’m sure the thought of a peaceful Germany seemed like a joke in the 1940s.

... also Europe seems to be doing fine over the winter, unlike what some claimed (wished?) would happen.

Is DonutOperator propaganda? Seems more like a cash grab, monetizing rednecks.

Ok, I guess it could be both.

The only thing I couldn’t run well on my Vega 54 was Star Citizen, and even that gave 5-10 FPS planetside and ~40 FPS in space. And 64 is obviously even better.

Page not found? Did they move it or was it just BS?

I’m a proponent of free markets, but I also think that social media should not be provided by them. Destroying Twitter and Reddit alone won’t be enough, since Facebook or new companies etc. will replace the void left by them. Even Mastodon is a bit of a risk, since there’s essentially nothing that protects from a single large entity pooling up resources, using marketing tactics etc., taking a majority of the network and then doing the good old embrace and extinguish move.

This needs global legislature to be fixed, and unfortunately the world does not seem to be moving towards a direction where that sort of thing could be achieved. EU is the best actor in this space currently, and that’s not a high hurdle. And EU is probably not taking over the world.

Share something from an unbiased source.

That’s a bit of a rich comment considering that you posted the original link to a very biased source.

Debunked for instance here:

Why does the “leftist” spread Russian Federation’s propaganda? It’s a country that is about as far from a leftist political ideology as is possible.

Kid: Mom, I want feudalism.

Mom: We have feudalism at home.

Home: Capitalism

What a reality we live in. The one who is offensive gets to claim that their security is being threatened. It’s like if a rapist demanded that the victim apologizes and promises never to do it again.

Which actually fits this situation better than one might imagine:

“Whether you like it or don’t like it, bear with it, my beauty,” Putin said.

Can you think of a perspective more extreme, more anti-russian than your own?

Sure, that’s easy as my perspective is rather mild, considering recent events. Here goes:

Russia is so evil that it should be immediately nuked, regardless of what the consequences would be.

(that went to the deep end, when the spirit of the question is perhaps to find more nuance – there’s certainly a lot of space between my answer above and my actual position)

It’s a test of whether your view is an extreme view or a moderate one.

Good test, generally speaking! It seems my actual view is rather moderate: I want this large and relatively powerful country not to bully its neighbors and generally increase violence in the world, and now that it is already doing that, it should immediately stop doing it.

Where in America are they conducting random checks for social media apps? Or was that the part that was untrue in Amicese’s view?

Cool that they think that the police arresting foreign-looking people is a good thing or evidence of guilt. Occam’s razor suggests that perhaps the police is being racist. You know, like every police force in the world.

Russia, and only Russia could stop the war right now, but they refuse to do so every hour of every day. So their list of sins is growing larger and larger. Not only are they fucking up Ukraine, but also the whole planet by forcing almost everyone to pointlessly put even more resources into military.

Perhaps China should first stop manipulating US presidential elections.

(Gee, making vaguely believable claims without evidence is easy!)

For all its faults, it was in many ways better than what there is currently.

It has always been a backwards islamistic hellhole. This year they’re on the spotlight because of some annual football tournament takes place there.

Everybody’s stressed about whether to choose human rights or their favourite sports team. (Spoiler: they choose the sports team)

Are there options for fixing Russia that doesn’t include a collapse? Fascist states like Russia seem to have a very strong grip to power.

And do you have “better” information?

Yes, and you also have it. Simply read the article. What you seem to have is gut feeling, at least until you give us better information, i.e. sources.

We all know that the officially reported inflation rate is much lower than the actual one.

Sorry, what?

GDP should be adjusted for inflation, but it’s using the official numbers, which are lower, and it looks like GDP has gone up.

Yes, but it’s now clear that you do not in fact have better information. Glad we cleared that up.

I think but am not 100% certain that these figures are real GDP, which takes inflation and deflation into account. Do you have better information?

Might be soon, but not yet. And since Europe had growth in 2022 Q3 (just barely with 0.2%, but still), the earliest we could technically be in recession is 2023 Q2.

Since Europes economy grew in Q3

Oh, cool. For some reason that’s news to me. Been reading too much tankie bullshit, perhaps. Propaganda works!

The definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of decline in GDP. So that is Q2 and Q3 here, which means that Russia started on that path almost immediately after launching their unilateral war against Ukraine. Europe is projected to get there in Q4, so one quarter later.

Recession is to be expected in a situation like this but unfortunately this will not break Putin’s regime alone. Sustained support of Ukraine will be needed for a long time. Good thing is that Europe and West can easily do that, and as we proceed to isolate Russia completely, the economic hit will start to diminish.

Like every economic downturn, this will also hit those in the weaker positions the worst. That’s obviously also on Putin’s list of sins.

They might, since a lot of countries have seized Russian assets all over the world. Many countries have suggested giving those assets to Ukraine as payment for the crimes they have suffered. But real reparations, actually honestly paid by Russia, are probably a bit of a pipe dream.

I think it’s still important to show them and the world how barbaric their actions are, even if they themselves end up just ignoring them. Like here, this place seems sometimes a very sad place with lots of utterly lost people, but if we keep telling the truth, perhaps one or two tankies eventually will gain reason. The value of such a thing shouldn’t be understated.

Same energy: America has American-style schools.

Probably not, since China seems to have ordered Russia to stop threatening the world with Nuclear Annihilation.

More likely, rulers who have been rulers for far too long will lead to it. Russia’s Putin, North Korea’s Kim dynasty, possibly China’s Xi Jinping some time later if he keeps hanging to power for another decade.

Sorry, I’m not following. Which one is which?

edit Ok, that was obviously sarcasm, but I’m sure a lot of distrust towards your people right now is due to what your government has done instead of what you are.

Are they being racist in the same way that people in Allied countries were racist against germans during 1939-1945?

I agree, they have punched way above their weight in the psyops ring. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be stopped.
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Valve’s Gabe Newell.
toMemes@lemmy.mlUnhated CEOs
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I guess AMD’s CEO Lisa Su also. This was a dumb meme :D

Yes, it would be great especially in these times if UN votes had some significant weight and no one entity could veto them.

Czechs rally against rising extremism and voice support for Ukraine
Anti-populist, pro-EU, pro-Nato and pro-Ukraine demonstration held in Prague on 30th.

… for Bolsanaro, obviously. Seems like he really Trumped this one: tried to cheat like hell but it wasn’t enough.

Almost everything I see from there is blatant anti-western propaganda, but since they're the "main instance", their sheer volume overwhelms some parts. Such as Sopuli's community->all -view. Or am I just in the wrong place myself and I should just vanish back to reddit?

I guess your first mistake is thinking that we’re trying to plant dissent in China. The other aberrations flow from that.