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KDE is surprisingly lightweight these days. Maybe try the Fedora KDE spin. Or if you need it even more light weight: the LXQt spin is also not bad.

On Fedora it got super easy as well. Debian is just by design not very friendly to closed-source drivers.

Basically it just works except if you use a bleeding edge distro like Arch where the newest Linux kernels are sometimes still incompatible with the binary only Nvidia driver. Overall the experience is a bit better with an AMD GPU and the open-source drivers though.

This sounds quite nice, but I suspect it will initially be really expensive like similar ARM work-stations.

Akkoma is also nice and Calckey seems to gain popularity fast.

A spambot is not going to use the official iOS app.

Probably a conspiracy theory, but given the push-back to this, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the spam attack is being done by a disgruntled person that wants to force other instances to defederate from mastodon.social.

IMHO you can’t fund a service with meagre normal banner advertisement revenue anymore.

Someone wishing to fund a Fediverse service would have to write a deep data-mining system that displays personalized and targeted advertisement to their users and get sufficient investment to survive until they have a large enough user-base and scale for their data-mining to turn a profit.

Not impossible, I guess, but given the invasive nature of said data-mining they would probably be defederated quite quickly (if found out) as in a federated network you can’t cleanly separate whom’s data gets mined.

I think the hype is driven by people that just want Twitter without Elon and realized the Fediverse is not that. I know that by saying so I somewhat sound like the people that the article is criticizing, but I think people that want Twitter without Elon are missing a big part of the picture, i.e that Twitter was and is bleeding money fast, so “their” Twitter was going to die one way or the other.

To build a sustainable platform you need to invest in it. People in the Fediverse have done so, but are painfully aware that it is a careful balance and that it can’t work with millions of Twitter users switching over expecting a gratis platform with no strings attached.

And this failure to understand these basic dynamics will probably drive them into the hands of yet another venture capital funded fly-trap and the circle will begin anew.

Basically any IRC client supports connecting to multiple servers simultaneously, so joining channels on multiple servers was never an issue. Also originally the “network” in IRC implied open federation just like you are describing, but over spam and moderation issues it evolved into a allow-list federation and ultimately incompatible s2s protocols. I sometimes wish people on the Fediverse would learn a bit more about the history of federated systems like IRC to avoid falling into the same traps 😅

As for your hidden comment number: there is currently a bug in Lemmy that shows message edits as new comments in the UI.

You paint a very rosy picture of the Freenode situation. As a result, many people moved to Discord (and to a lesser extend Matrix) and the significantly smaller libera.chat is still waaay to centralized as if people didn’t learn anything from this disaster.

Also in the case of Freenode/libera.chat basically all the admins also switched, meaning little institutional knowledge was lost. This is mostly because the person who took Freenode over was indeed such a nut-case. In a typical corporate takeover the staff is (at least for a while) retained, meaning they can’t just set up shop in a different place easily.

This is untrue. In the early days most open-source software was written by hobbyists. The Linux Kernel was literally started by then student Linus Torwalds as a hobby.

I would even say that to this day most of the relevant FOSS software is either written by hobbyists or as a side project by some people employed in larger corps. Notable exception being Red Hat developed stuff. Sure there are also a lot of other pretend to be open-source software written by corps, but when you try to actually run it, it becomes quickly apparent that their intent is not to be actually used by anyone other than the corp itself and paying customers.

Very likely they are using the text and voice data to train a AI or offer that data as training material for other companies working on AI. Their recent change in privacy policy was pretty clear that this is happening and they extended it to voice data now.

Twitch belongs to Amazon, so they integrate with the wider Amazon user tracking and ad targeting system.

What exactly did you expect to happen? Obviously the Steam Deck brought some more users and incentivised Valve to further improve Proton, but otherwise the Steam Deck is just another type of Linux PC. Why would that effect you if you don’t have one?

Pretty much everyone except France and Germany sabotaged the Minsk agreement. Please don’t spread this kind of historical revisionism. And of course they had to adapt to the new reality after the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

although it also applies to Reddit of course.

The “meat grinder” seems well fed by Russian conscripts…

This kind of dehumanizing language and disregard for human life (right out of the fascist playbook) is really sad to see on a supposedly leftist website.

The article says that it had been struggling to stay afloat for years, was sold to an Indian conglomerate in 2011 and was under near insolvency protection since 2020. Just to give this a bit of context 😉

What about “waste heat utilisation of nuclear electricity production” is too hard for you to understand? I still challenge you to find a single non-military, non-experimental nuclear energy use example that is not done for electricity production. Good luck finding one.

District heating was not among the non-electricity use-cases you talked about that time. But this is still nuclear electricity production, just with some heat recycling added, so I stand by my point that non-electricity production use-cases for nuclear energy are unrealistic 🤷‍♂️

Yes? I didn’t claim to add a big bold additional insight to the video. I was merely stating my opinion about it. And no, MalcomX threatening violence is not the same as actual infrastructure sabotage, so the video makes a false analogy there.

Its impossible to tell, because we can only go by manipulative 3rd party re-telling of two right-wing tabloids, which is exactly why this kind of crap should not be shared without thinking about the source. That’s really basic 101 media theory, is that so difficult to understand?

I am specifically referring to articles sourced from BILD and Focus, which are both extremely manipulative right-wing tabloids. Don’t change the topic please.

Look, my problem is not with sharing information here and to be honest I don’t give a shit about the German industry, I don’t even live there. But I do care about people spreading outright right-wing BS on supposedly “leftist” websites and in general not understanding what kind of manipulative crap they gobble down all day.

So you are back at peddling BS from right-wing tabloids here? The EU paper is not publicly accessible and BILD and Focus have a long history of distorting the truth when it fits their right-wing agenda.

Hmm, diversity of tactics is needed indeed, but this has a strong potential to have unintended side effects and a public back-lash, so not sure. I guess its a suitable tactic in some cases but should not be talked about much?

The irony is that you are replying to what very much looks like a lightly edited ChatGPT output text ;)

That is a bit misleading as the Comission is not directly voted for, but rather appointed by the head of states. But since all EU member states are democratic (with some reservations to Hungary these days), that is still more democratic than many similar economic coordination bodies.

The mod sticker is always there, however a similar functionality as you describe for Reddit seems to have been added to Lemmy recently, but I have not yet used it or seen it being used.

This is however not what the OP cover image is about, nor what the “sovernty” discussion in the UK is about. So basically you have no idea what you were talking about and now try to change the topic to make it less obvious that you were just parroting right-wing nonsense.

Ah, so I was assuming the best that you simply did not understand it, but actually you are just a right wing nationalist. Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, but your original post shows a picture about the UK. I still think you are missing a lot of context (as usual for your “/c/europe” posts) and thus didn’t understand what this is about at all. The original picture is literally about how you can’t eat (post-Brexit) sovereignty and is a pro EU comment.

The UK is not part of the EU any more. Under what rock have you been living?

Source code: https://github.com/udan11/discourse-chat-matrix Looks interesting, but the documentation on how to set it up is lacking.

cross-posted from: https://slrpnk.net/post/244182 > Link in German, but after all these years of people complaining and even if analytics are explicitly disabled in Element, it still phones home :(

Link in German, but after all these years of people complaining and even if analytics are explicitly disabled in Element, it still phones home :(

Has been a good while since we had a good shower and faucet discussion on Lemmy.ml 😱

OsmAnd version 4.3 mapping app for Android released
Much faster OpenGL map tile rendering and other cool stuff.

This looks very interesting for integrating AI painting into an Artist's toolbox.

Adding comments to your static blog with Mastodon
Seems to use the Mastodon API though.