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OsmAnd version 4.3 mapping app for Android released
Much faster OpenGL map tile rendering and other cool stuff.

I am sometimes tempted to check if people here with alt-accounts on Lemmygrad are double voting, but then realize I have better stuff to do…

Speculating here, but it sounds like the offending post got reported by some overzealous fedizen, but then the admin had a short look at the post timeline of this person and decided it was neither worth keeping the account nor worth discussing with them. Stuff like that happens sometimes 🤷‍♂️

And this kind of complaining in a blog post kinda proves the admin might have been correct in their quick assessment.

And you always try to change the topic when it becomes clear that you gotten yourself lost in absurd statements. In addition you have some unhealthy obsession with always trying to get the last word in :p

You seem to have a very peculiar understanding what actual carbon credits would mean. But we are getting off-topic here and I am tired of discussing with you all the time.

Just looking at the list above here I can already see multiple examples of companies struggling that have nothing to do with the somewhat higher energy costs.

As for carbon credits… you have to start somewhere and you can’t control the whole world. And it is better to start in a rich place like Europe that can deal relatively well with the resulting temporary competitiveness problems. Usually these things also drive innovation thus sooner or later you end up more not less competitive.

Except for that one practical example from France, which is some artisan glass producer with facilities (judging by the pictures) unaltered since the 1960ties that is temporarily(!) halting production, the article is very nebulous on actual examples of this happening. It also mentions BASF is passing, but they are downsizing because of comparatively low demand for their products in the last decade(!) in Europe and the somewhat higher than usual energy costs are just the final nail in the coffin for them.

Personally I think all of the companies that do struggle right now because of energy prices (and not other reasons like the case for most), would equally struggle if any kind of even slightly serious carbon credits would be introduced. Feel free to disagree on that, but I think those are long overdue and thus I don’t really see a problem with these companies shutting down. Europe as the largest economic block in the world can survive that.

Because I found it on Mastodon. But thanks for adding it now :)

You will also be able to use it from a XMPP account via the Slidge gateway soon. In fact 1:1 chats already work and group chats are a work in progress.

Seriously, try to understand the study I linked, especially the table with the price forecast. Of course it does not claim everything is great and neither do I, but your interpretation of the facts is so far from reality that I am starting to question your mental health…

Did you try the recent 13.x release of Misskey? Apparently it got a massive speed improvement. Didn’t try it myself yet though and also don’t really have fresh memory to compare it against.

Stable Diffusion integration for Krita paint
This looks very interesting for integrating AI painting into an Artist's toolbox.

You need to work on your reading comprehension skills, both for what I write and what is clearly forecasted in the study I linked. I have the strong impression you only skimmed that study and didn’t actually understand what the forecast tells.

I have no “upbeat” outlook, how many times do I need to repeat that?

It is simply that the story is a bit more complex than right-wing propaganda outlets want to make you believe.

Edit: and yes the “liberal media bubble” as you call it is usually equally uninformed, but at least they don’t try to push a political agenda by fearmongering with absurd numbers they pull out of their ass apparently.

Yes I can see that you are “not aware”. Maybe try to look outside of your media bubble a bit?

I am not saying everything is going great, quite the contrary. But high gas prices will not be the major issue, as depressed demand will ensure prices stay relatively low.

As for an serious analysis, maybe look at this.

Long term gas futures are lower than pre-war prices meaning the market expects the gas prices to stay relatively cheap in the years to come. In fact there is an expected over-supply and Russia will have trouble even finding buyers at all but the most bargain-bin prices.

You need to lay off on your right-wing and Russian propaganda outlet news and read some serious economic forecasts. (Edit: yes the expected over-supply is partially because of lower demand due to an global economic downturn).

Ah thanks, a quick search on their website didn’t show it.

There are more serious economic studies and forecasts and they don’t forsee anything close to 4.5% shrinking of the economy. But I will have a closer look at the .pdf to see how they massaged their data to come to such a widely unrealistic outcome.

Edit: ah, it is already on the first page it seems. They just assume the year 2019 growth figures and extrapolate that as if the pandemic (!) and the war in Ukraine never happend 🤦

Edit2: Ugh, this is even worse than expected. The 3 page “study” doesn’t even talk about 2023. Its from November 2022 and already hilariously bad for that. But from which of their asses they pulled the press-release numbers for 2023 is totally nebulous.

The actual study seems to be unavailable and the article itself (from a right-wing rag) is so low on details that it is hard to say if the actual study makes more sense (but I am doubtful as this “institute” is just a shitty big-industry lobby organisation).

But according to the article they compared two imaginary simulations for 2023, and the result was 4.5% points less GDP. Besides the fact that this institute is not exactly known for their high quality economic simulations, this also makes little sense. As it currently does not look like there will be a deep recession in 2023, this can only mean the 4.5% are mostly less positive growth in their simulation. As Germany didn’t have such strong economic growth in many years this makes their “no war” simulation seem hilariously optimistic, and thus their “loss” calculation likely a huge over-estimate.

Also less positive growth is not the same at all as “costing” something. It just means that you don’t increase your earnings as much.

The option to migrate a Twitter account from an archive seems useful. Seems to work with Mastodon and Misskey as well.

As far as I can tell the current science sees two overlapping effects there, one temporary weakening effect that can be reversed and one they describe as accelerated aging or sanding-down of the immune system that is pretty much irreversible without something like a bone marrow transplant or such.

Adding comments to your static blog with Mastodon
Seems to use the Mastodon API though.

Misskey Release 13.0.0
Sounds like a massive release. [Full change log here](https://github.com/misskey-dev/misskey/blob/develop/CHANGELOG.md), but it is partially in Japanese.