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I think that’s because these things become real for you when you’re the victim of them, so for example someone who suffers as a victim of racism now has race made an important and real thing to them, whereas people who don’t suffer in that way can be “not interested” in it because it’s not real to them.

I mean, terms like “eastern” and “western” are not totally accurate, but in general yes Esperanto is a western language, and I can confirm. Essentially it takes after both western and eastern European languages to the maximum degree, and the fact that it became hyper-agglutinating and analytic (I hope that’s the right term) is not necessarily an “eastern” trait. Finno-Ugric languages are not “non-western”, are they?

Exciting headline, but I looked into it a little further and it is as of yet not abolished, nor has the government said it will do so. However, there is hope I guess that it will not come back after protests have forced it into remission.

I wonder how the bright people over at and lemmygrad are attempting to explain this. Probably what hfkldjbuq wrote (“funded and led by the CIA”).

CaspianReports is not as good as it used to be, I think. I stopped watching it a long time ago.

OK checked PIV and it does in fact mean to search.

I just wonder why your username is racist and chauvinistic against Poles

Euro centric is a loaded term. It’s a kind of Indo European language but most people on Earth speak an IE language so it’s the most efficient route.

A German-Chinese alliance will be good as it will help them both to contain Russia.

In my opinion, this is a ridiculous question and demonstrates why we need better education in the humanities.

Very difficult to implement and potentially little reward. I’m not convinced the community would benefit much from a bunch of machine translation. I think the expectation is reasonable that people will gather in communities based on the languages they know so if you have speakers of Italian on Lemmy, for example, they will use an Italian instance or Italian communities. This is already well supported by the software.

If people from different linguistic backgrounds need to communicate using a common language, the best choice would be Esperanto.

They do? They don’t follow it…

Honestly? I think it’s not worth the trouble. It sounds cool but we’re better off without it

If only they were were as smart and developed as the monkeys in that movie

Yeah her assassination was shameful and Israel sought to blame the Palestinians!

These are the kinds of regimes who look at Xinjiang and say, “Oh this is really wonderful, good job guys!” Meanwhile Muhammad bin Salman lures journalists into Saudi embassies and chops them to bits, executes all kinds of dissidents including minors, and God knows what else…

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t merely for using Twitter

Kiel vi fartas? Mia nomo estas lisko, kaj mi estas Esperantisto.