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a quick tool for picking a first player

I have a set of “Go First” dice for that. I’d love to see a webpage simulating those two to four dice rolls in 3D using either WebGL or wasm, but well beyond my skills to write atm.

Some open source hand-coded pages:

  • Emoji Favicon generator is a multilingual tool for choosing a character (or custom emoji) and adding its SVG code to the browser tab for a webpage as a data URI.
  • Does your pet see Peripheral drift? is a slideshow of optical illusions to test on the vision of animals. Record videos of their (non) reactions for science!
  • Deconfiguration guides is an ongoing keyboard accessible list of instructions how to factory reset switches, routers, access points, etc. Dark/Light theme done with CSS variables.
  • Podcast bingo is a playable bingo game of phrases/actions for The Giz Wiz podcast. Copy/adapt the code for podcasts you watch/listen to.