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While I only use browsers for enagement with all the fediverse applications I’ve used (5+) I wouldnt consider it the only true client.

Good point, mostly posted as the article was quite interesting.

NABU PC – A 1984 Z-80 Computer You Can Buy Today
Shared by @SinclairSpeccy@bitbang.social

It’s VW dieselgate all over again.

Jounalist Finder
In Alpha. Great to see some niche ancillary services being developed with the potential to become useful for other communities, or a precursor to others. Hopefully will expand beyond the Mastodon = Fediverse approach over time.

cross-posted from: https://sopuli.xyz/post/464068 > The goal of this two-minute survey is to help us improve the WordPress-related Mastodon instances and Mastodon as a meeting place for the WordPress Community in general. > We want to know your needs and challenges and how you think we – as WordPress-related instances – can strengthen the WordPress community on Mastodon.

cross-posted from: https://sopuli.xyz/post/463756 > Not sad to hear this. Checkout penpot as a possible replacement.

Lemmy has dms. Click on username > message

This is brilliant, has been my go to a couple of times already. I have renamed my classic albums community to use the word music in the name to help discovery :D

This would seem like a compelling option to replace instagram feeds in websites - [idotj](https://mastodon.online/@idotj) has created a great implementation for mastodon, but I cant see anything for pixelfed.

Good overview I enjoyed that.

Amazing they were able to restore the xcom rep with the last couple of releases. I thought it would never happen.

The first two xcoms are stone cold classics that still hold up today. Chaos (8bit) is a lot of fun. Rebelstar raiders II was great at the time.

Yes although not fussed on misskey inspired customisations. Active development and performance improvements sound good but perhaps just a short dev cycle to push their prioritised improvements.

Self run pleroma. Looking to test friendica but the host didn’t have the right setup. Mastodon social account for testing. Account on bookwyrn, account on pixelfed.social.

Aah ok. That’s the interesting thing about blocks, I can’t see yogthos post from sopuli (hence the double up) and it’s not something set on my account.

It would be good to get some indication of what convos you could be missing out on.

Happy with full timeline, I’ve followed people for a reason. Not interested in others making decisions for me cough fb. What I would like is a way to rank prioritise people and increase decrease feed volume based on priority that I choose. Also set / mute by topic.

The idea of a trending digest, posted elsewhere is also a good one. Opt in approaches.

Jeff is on the fediverse at @llamasoft_ox@toot.wales

Awesome - thanks for all the feedback. Looks like I have a bit of testing ahead of me.

Best Activitypub software to hang out with friends?
Mastodon/Pleroma looks to be for broadcast, what would be the best options for sharing content with friends/groups - I'm assuming without knowing better Diaspora or Frendica?

Excellent will have to test it out at some point when implemented (personally wasnt a fan of the old k9 ui)

Bluesky surely has to be the front runner for the better twitter even if it is only an underlying protocol. I don’t think Mastodon will ever be the front runner in that the devs don’t seem to want to imitate the hooks that allowed twitter to become so big in the first place (not a bad thing)

Mastodon feels like an interim step to something else. That you feel like something newer could develop, but you could still connect with current activitypubapps - is refreshing.

Up until google builds something to suck the life out of it but they might be busy with ai-infested search indexing.

I always get awaiting approval from pleroma ( Mastodon works like a charm on evrything other than sopuli) not sure if I’ve missed something.

The Akkoma dev gave an indication hopefully it works out.

As many of you will be aware, back in 01/2022, there was something of a schism in the smallish group of Pleroma developers with no single cause in my eyes - it was the culmination of years of mounting tensions between two competing interest groups.

Great to see some detailed how-tos for something other than mastodon. Though in this case theyre using Rebased as the backend which is a fork of Pleroma.

My assumption is people won’t engage with a large dump of data. So when I posted about a site with good content I posted one link to the site and then posted one article as a taster and I thought that was a good approach.

Aah you’re going to make me test out a frendica account now :D I’ve only seen how it works from mastodon, which is limited but usable…

Have never got it working from my pleroma instance, but that just may be my lack of sysadmin skills.

Something like that could be useful for organisation with a large amount of data. Sidebar would be useful. Any way to group communities to drive discovery.

A cars specific instance would be my go to option in this scenario though.

IMO There are enough english-generalist instances There could probably be some more country specific/language specific ones.

I posted on mastodon that anyone thinking about making a mastodon server for a niche community should instead look at lemmy e.g. drumming, etsy, music etc. It’s screamingly obvious to me that it would be a better approach to host a community, but requires more advocates promoting things over there.

Sidenote instance admins need to manage their instances and look to curate communities that give it an identity of its own.

Highly possible given the larger userbase.

I wouldn’t know how many entrenched tumblr users would want to go outside the local loop. Activitypub connects could entice mastodon users the other way though if they preferred the UI…

I can imagine Automattic making tumblr <> fedi integration a paid service. Similar to how wordpress.com provides free hosting with optional paid services.

My current interest in any of the post twitter startups is - does it support activitypub (or any other interop) so yeah happy about this.

Didnt know it was a thing! Reading the story made my blood boil a bit.

I’d say 16bit era as the first, and the advent of steam as the second.


Sounds like a good fit since additional services is kind of vivalidis point of difference.

Always enjoy these insightful articles, I’m not sure how the good outweighs the bad.

Roundcube - very basic but does the trick. I dont manage the install.

Yeah could have clarified current using webmail rather than a desktop app.

Portable computing 1984: Apricot Portable
I did not know this was a thing or Apricot was a computing company. from [Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apricot_Portable) The Apricot Portable was a personal computer manufactured by ACT Ltd., and was released to the public in November 1984. It was ACT's first attempt at manufacturing a portable computer, which were gaining popularity at the time. Compared to other portable computers of its time like the Compaq Portable and the Commodore SX-64, the Apricot Portable was the first system to have an 80-column and 25-line LCD screen and the first with a speech recognition system.[3] The future must have seemed pretty bright at that time.

No self host, no decentralisation, no dice.

Via [masto/fb](https://mastodon.social/@dosnostalgic/109299161809976392) A new engine, called Freescape was merged to master. This is an engine for the earliest 3d-based games, which was later turned into the "3D Construction Kit". The first game from this family, Driller, is supported for DOS, Amiga and Atari ST versions. C64, Amstrad and ZX Spectrum support is in the plans. The engine is pretty small, which is of course, understandable for the machines of that era. Currently, it is just 5,500 lines of code but will definitely grow. However, being even such small, the engine author, Gustavo Grieco aka gu3 aka neuromancer, already added a high-res OpenGL rendering. What about Driller in 3840x2160?

*As many Commodore technical staff had moved to Atari, Commodore was left with no workable path to design their own next-generation computer. The company approached Amiga offering to fund development as a home computer system. They quickly arranged to repay the Atari loan, ending that threat. The two companies were initially arranging a $4 million license agreement before Commodore offered $24 million to purchase Amiga outright.*

Pic from [this project page](https://www.artstation.com/blogs/blockmind/N64L/adding-a-keyboard-module-to-my-pixel-toaster). I like the aesthetic.

I never knew such a thing existed

The Verge removed (some) pro pixelfed comments and I don’t know why
As a fan of pixelfed I occasionally checkout to see if it is causing any buzz on comments, generally around instagram-is-doing-something-bad posts. The verge posted [this article](https://www.theverge.com/2022/7/26/23279815/instagram-feed-kardashians-criticism-fuck-it-im-out) and there were some pro pixelfed comments that have been removed. ![comment1 - the post under supermassive no longer exists ](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/bd5fbc2e-d61e-4a70-9bd5-3c3213c83b64.jpeg) ![comment2](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/13d4fb83-1a99-45e6-b76f-822f55b10ba9.jpeg) There is still one comment, which is a simple link to the .org. But I don't see why the comments were removed unless they were auto flagged as bot-spam perhaps. Yet other comments pimping and linking to other options remain. ![Links to other](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/556fb9fa-56b9-4693-9b4e-800df5132c75.jpeg) Makes me a bit grumpy, with all the work Dansup has been putting in.

Data permanence
Excluding existing archiving sites, do you have an expectation or think that data stored on lemmy should be permanent? E.g last 20+ years. Would it matter if old inactive content was culled? If you had the ability to export data if a sever was due to go down, what would you actually do with it.

NASA’s Perseverance rover captures impressive video of a solar eclipse from the Martian surface
The new footage captured by the Mastcam-Z camera is the most zoomed-in, highest-frame-rate footage of a Phobos solar eclipse ever recorded from Mars.

Stylus is pretty neat for rapid mockups. Personally I like the default themes as starter themes, but here's a quick mockup/iteration on minty-bubble (tightening things up a smidge) Nice work pushing things in this area ier.

Always enjoy learning bits about Wolfenstien/Doom/Quake era.