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Don’t have enough energy to edit out the Reddit bits/adapt them for Lemmy

We might need a meta-search engine specific for ActivityPub/fedi

If you still have that energy, you could read the article this one responds to ;)

Title’s confusing. GNU-Free can be understood as “distros free of GNU”. Author actually meant “GNU-powered Free distros”.

It’s a meme lol


Edit: Which means that yes, it’s satire.

You’re not talking about it, you are FEEDING it.

Feeding it would be engaging with the trolls. This post is just talking about the issue.

Oh, that’s because you’re not supposed to log in on the page of their instance! You can view their instance from lemmy.ml. It’s not super intuitive right now, but the other person explained a way to do it.

however it imposes an additional account

It does? Can’t you use a single one thanks to federation?

I wasted so many hours of my life on this and the soundtrack is to this day on my favorite playlist ;)

It’s an amazing game! I still play it from time to time to slowly get to 100% complete it. It still has it’s own active (though niche) community and racing events: CoNDOR.

Regarding the sequel, it never caught my attention. First because it was a Switch exclusive but also then I heard that it wasn’t as challenging as the original. The difficulty curve may be annoying to most, but to me it’s the reason I liked playing it so much.

I love the original, IMO it’s a timeless game. I intend to 100% complete it at some point and then maybe I’ll try to join the racing community if it’s still around.

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Oh, that’s called submechanophobia! I love the name :P

Here’s a video I saw one time of someone with it reacting to stuff under water: https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=8QxgI8rpO98

So cool!

Kakoune but I’m considering switching back to Neovim


Also I tried different potential usernames with a website that let me see in how many mainstream sites it was taken/available. SeerLite was the first one to not be taken anywhere, so I used that.

So this is where all these cats come from!! Thank you, mystery solved.

What I imagine when I think of a scenario like OP is the companies actively scraping Fedi profiles and posts and then using machine learning(?) to map the data to known users. Trackers wouldn’t be necessary.

Of course, that’s a lot of work and I doubt it’s happening soon (if ever). Still interesting to think about.

Lists should be homogeneous while tuples can be heterogeneous.

Could you explain this bit, please? I’ve always understood that both can have both kinds of elements.

Do you mean that in the usual contexts they’re used? Like: lists usually hold a variable number of things of the same type while tuples are sometimes expected to hold values of different kinds in a specific order. Something like that?

Running everything sandboxed even if the software that’s being run is FOSS and comes from trusted sources doesn’t sound too bad though. Just another layer of defense. What are the potential security issues this could cause?

Don’t you need access via adb and have debugging options enabled to even see the logcat?

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A FOSS Music app that’s as good as Musicolet. I got too used to its queue system that now I can’t use any other music app that does it the more “traditional” way. Also multi-select, menus, options and search are just too well done in this app. Literally the best IMO.

The fact that it does so much and is still ad-free and mostly donation-based (iirc) also always makes me reconsider if going full-FOSS is actually worth it at all. It just feels like it was built with so much care… Similar to other non-FOSS apps I used to use.

I guess not everything that’s proprietary sucks