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Forcing VPNs to collect your info will spread!

Anyone know if a self-hosted VPN is 100% secure?..


I use Firefox and I just do a Ctrl+mouseScrollUp or ctrl+= and it remembers the zoom for that website.

Can’t, but it was a big image of a creature or mascot with a big Ukrinian flag. Maybe someone here can add to what I saw.

Biolab files from Ukraine in Cyrillic

You should easily be able to download the .zip file to get the files inside: There are 6 main folders and most of the files are .rtf, and .png, but there is a .pdf in there, too. I say this because .rtf cannot hide macros so should be safe to open. I think image, .docx, and .pdf files can hide wor…


The day i am no longer open to hearing the other side of the story is the day I am no longer myself, but instead am an extension of someone else (media, the group, muh team, a nationalist agenda, yesterday/the past, etc). Not wanting to understand the other side (or all sides if there is time for that) is a sign of a weak character and probably of weak intelligence, as well. Understanding is not the same as agreeing or condoning.

When Freedom Convoy tried to set up groups on Telegram, they kept getting infiltrated to the point where it was hard to know what was truth or even who official admins were.

For those of you here standing up for freedom of the press, freedom of information, high five and I wish you were my close neighbors. Thank you for respecting me enough to trust me to sort things out for myself.

verified by whom? Our own parents lie to us sometimes, and even spouses do, so what makes you think media or gov’t won’t?

Yandex is not only a WEF member, but they also have an agreement with Uandex to allow Yndex browser to use Microsoft Suite - so i distrust it. Seeing that Microsoft has a contract with Ukraine gov’t, I suspect if Yandex isn’t filtering results yet, they will soon. The Hated One replied to me that Yandex (email or browser, idk) is worse than Google because Russian laws differ from those in the US.

Yandex is a member of the WEF and therefore not to be trusted. If birds of a feather flock together, avoid yandex - at least for more serious things.

Freedom of choice solves issue such as this. that is why we always need choices.

What is truth and who gets to decide? There are gray areas there. EX: A huge percentage of the world’s population thinks Mohammed is the only prophet while another large percentage thinks only Jesus is the true prophet. Another pecentage thinks there are no prophets or gods. So, who gets to decide? Take almost any issue and there will be a few opinions and/or cherry-picking of facts.


Google and most other BigTech are member-partners of the WEF/World Economic Forum. If that forum was meant to do good, it makes little sense that individual companies would need to join a group to do good…and, anyway, they haven’t! Walmart is one of the members and has a huge percentage of staff part-time because Walmart doesn’t want to pay for their benefits.
Most of those companies in WEF mistreat citizens weither directly or indirectly. Here’s the list: https://www.weforum.org/partners#S

when I put in very concise words and get distantly-related MSM B.S., i don’t feel respected. My results were certainly filtered in order to shape opinion.

I’ve switched temporarily to Brave now, but since Brave browser is pushing the "support Ukraine’ narrative, I’d guess they, too, could filter results. Most search engines use Google. Any tips on search engines not using Google?

Any one tried the site Reclaim the Net?

There’s a $60 lifetime membership fee, so I am reluctant to try it. Was hoping for reviews and to know more about their content - besides what the cover page shows. It looks like what i could find elsewhere…


Ukraine has a history, But, the deaths caused by the US and Soros make my blood boil…


WION is far more trustworthy than most MSM. However, still follow the rule of:…


I saw the US military on a mainstream large TV channel show these and how they were used to disperse crowds without needing bullets…


protonmail mail is very good, but if you plan to break a federal law, protonmail will give your emails and date to the feds. The more private email is tutanota, however, it is harder to use.
You can set up a free account on either one. Tutanota also has an ugly, but easy calendar that you can use to send reminders to you. For about 2 months I used it - until I got Nextcloud and synced that with a calendar. I think you can use gpg to encrypt an attached file to send in an email, too. I recently tested it out a tiny bit - not enough, though. I am not recommending gpg, though, as I am not sure it is the best kind. it was quick and easy for me on Linux and that was the ONLY reason I chose gpg encryption. I don’t think I needed a phone number for tutanota or protonmail. Another option for less private things is the Russian-based Google-like alternative called yandex. I needed no phone number (just select SKIP) to get an email, it comes with 10GB of drive/disk space, is free. But, because they allow you to use their version of Microsoft Suite, I’d guess they have a close relationship with the USA, so I wouldn’t advice using it for anything extremely private. It still is better than gmail, in my opinion, and you may be able to use it just once as a disposable account. You can use Talkatone for free phone calls, but it doesn’t work very well sometimes. I needed an email account. I may’ve used yandex for that. idk.

that’s a good one. never heard them say that, though. I’ve seen the same attitude from COnsevative Christians, though, as I have from some zealous covid-will-kill-us-all nuts: they both glady burn you at the stake for not living the way they want you to. They both judge and judge and judge - but, say YOU shouldn’t judge others.

I hope another virus comes through the planet and wipes out the whiners and weaklings. Your lack of logic is so much like a fundamentalist religious zealot: “Because the Bible says so, you heathen”.

|Your freedom ends where my freedom begins. Thee must be 500 ways - including via taxes- that you infringe on my freedom day in and day out. Go back to your twinkies, lard add.

your level of stupidity is surprising. a comparison is not naming a category of virus, dipship. i guess the virologist who was on national TV saying exactly what I said is also incorrect. WHY a person has a weak immune system is not my concern. The planet doesn’t revolve around a few weak people. You like science? Survival of the fittest. Evolution kills off the weak. It is humane in the long run. As a whole, sugar, white flour, and cooking/culinary oils are far more deadly than covid-19 - because they are overconsumed. If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect others to love you? Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are the top 3 killers - and mostly preventable - especially the first two. Do you want those 3 foods I mentioned made illegal or to have warning signs or to be bought only with a license and only in regulated amounts? Your logic is off and you repeat only what the MSM tells you. pathetic.

whiners. a generation of whiners. you are one reason i used to gravitate towards East Asian men - most of them don’t whine. Whiny people are beyond irritating, but a whiney man needs to hand in his damned man-card. I am a healthnut who loves logic and objectivity. So, I know that most disorders are self-inflicted - often by decision after decision over many years. If you treat your body (or environment) like a cesspool, YOU dug your own grave and don’t deserve my pity or help. If you lose your car or home, that is bad. But, you only get one body and mind, so if you mess that up…your had the wrong priorities. A 101 year old man got covid and lived/recovered. I don’t care about YOU because I mind my own business. Your #1 duty in life is to care for youself and if you can’t do that, you’ve failed. Just because you lack discipline, doesn’t mean that I should suffer. Believe it or not, I have my own problems that I need to deal with. You handle your own problems, mr. whiner.

you must’ve downloaded the wrong VeraCrypt pogram. Download one for your Linux system after deleting the one you have now.

Best markdown packages for Atom run on Linux?

I guess most of Atom’s packages are made for Windows, because most won’t work correctly for me and I’ve tried MANY. I’d really love to be able to use internal links (opens another one of my own markdown files) that work like wikilinks that I created on other markdown editors - that work in ghostwrit…