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I’d be okay with this, but only if the matrix server is related to the Lemmy instance. Like, don’t create a channel on the main/official Matrix server…

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Exactly. If it isn’t related I don’t think it makes any sense.

If this was to be a feature then it should be linked to the lemmy instance itself, lemmy communities shouldn’t auto create rooms on matrix.org. Also It wouldn’t make sense to add something like this unless lemmy had deeper matrix room integration even if it was barebones.

I’m also not sure how this would work from a technical perspective. Would community creators have to share their Matrix credentials with their Lemmy instance/client? Would the Matrix room be created by a different Matrix account managed by the Lemmy instance maintainer? How would it work if the Lemmy community creator wanted to use a different Matrix homeserver than matrix.org? What if a space was better suited for Matrix than a room? How would the community maintainer change the room in the future? What if the maintainer for a community switches and the new maintainer doesn’t have access to the account that is running the Matrix room?

I’m not sure if this is already available, but I think a field to enter a Matrix room/space link would be better than the ability to automatically create a Matrix room. It would give the community creator more flexibility and creating a room/space doesn’t take too much time. If a person is going out of their way to create/maintain a Lemmy community, they should also have the ability (or the ability to figure out how) to create a Matrix room/space.

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