I don’t think “female” is offensive.

I thought it was offensive because some (supposedly female) users said it was offensive; but I didn’t understand why my female friends used the term (female).

I found another saying that it wasn’t offensive, and I immediate copied that belief.

LGBTQ+ politics is confusing …

  • @gun@lemmy.ml
    192 years ago

    No, it’s just an adjective for gender. But if instead of saying something like “my best friend is a woman” you said “my best friend is a female” it sounds like you are an alien talking about some kind of specimen.

    • @VictimOfReligion@lemmygrad.ml
      112 years ago

      " I am a fellow human too. My hobbies are to intake water, nutrients, exchange gases via oxidation through a respiratory system and replicate long chains of protein. Ayy lmao. "